Automatic gates - no repression of low-ranking cows

The automatic gates designed and developed by Boetech enable the farmer to create a temporary waiting area where he can handle his attention cows with ease and comfort. The main advantages of the gates are: savings on labor, ease and simplicity of use and cow-friendliness.

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Automatic gates enable the easy creation of a waiting area for low-ranking cows and for animals that are unaccustomed to the robot. After the cows in the waiting area have been milked, the gates will open automatically, ensuring good cow flow.

Easy and outstandingly user-friendly

Controlling the fence is made easy by means of the X-Link or the remote control. The fence can also be operated by a button on the gate itself. The remote control operates the fence from a distance, making it easy to select attention cows. Since the gate opens automatically when all the cows have been milked, the risk of leaving the cows in the waiting area is excluded.

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Automatic gates provide an opportunity to create a waiting area and to find the optimum balance between preventing repression of low-ranking cows in the area and the disturbance of cow traffic. In other words, no repression of low-ranking cows and no obstacles on the way to the robot.

Positioning in the barn

Setting up a waiting area with fences at least twice a day results in more work. In addition, it makes it more difficult when you only wish to collect the attention cows from the waiting area. Automatic gates are a valuable and easy solution. Automatic gates should be positioned in such a way that cubicles are not included in the waiting area. It is also important to be able to move attention cows easily.

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Jan van Schaijk from Rosmalen, Netherlands:

'We’ve been milking with an Astronaut A2 robot for over 5 years and we are now milking with two Astronaut A3 robots. From experience, we have learned that you do need a waiting area for the attention cows. Sorting out the right cows and getting only the right cows in the waiting area has never been as ideal as it is now with the automatic gates.'

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