Last routing direction individual cows

An individual cow may be hard to locate outside when grazing or when you have multiple areas within your barn (stable, separation area, strawpen). To optimize efficiency, you can quickly see where a cow is using T4C reports. This feature, Last Routing Direction, is compatible with the Lely Astronaut and/or the Lely Grazeway.

Management, T4C & InHerd

How to add ‘Last routing direction’ to a report'

Step 1: Copy a report

Step 2: Add last routing direction

Step 3: Check outcome

Note: For grazing farms it is advised to add extra areas and link those to the grazeway directions. Example add area: Field A, and link this within the configuration settings to grazeway direction A.

If any questions or difficulties appear, please consult your local Farm Management (FMS) Advisor at your Lely Center.