New: local hot rinse after health treatment T4C

The new Lely T4C update, version, brings a new functionality to the Lely Astronaut: namely an option in the medicine library to select a ‘hot rinse’. Lely decided to introduce this option as there are more and more oil-based antibiotics available on the market.

T4C & InHerd


 A hot rinse is better able to prevent oil residues from remaining in the system. When enabling the hot rinse option, the robot will do an automatic local hot rinse after milking cows treated with this medicine, for example, when this medicine is part of a treatment plan. Currently, the robot does an automatic default local cleaning after milking cows whose milk was separated. This default cleaning is a one-time rinse with cold water. With this new functionality, a medicine can trigger a second rinse, to prevent oil residues from remaining in the system, after the default robot cleaning.
Note: the default setting is ‘No’ in Lely T4C as this is an extra functionality.

This feature will only be available for the Lely Astronaut A4 and the Astronaut A5 and requires the latest software set: 7.6 for the Astronaut A4 and the upcoming 1.8 for the Astronaut A5. We have also created an instruction card (link to instruction card) for farmers with information about this new feature. Please share this information with farmers.

Lely T4C settings

You can find the local hot rinse in the following T4C menu: Data Entry -> Libraries -> Medicines, then click to open a particular medicine. The option is at the bottom of the page. See example in figure 1.
Note: existing medicines in the Library stay on ‘No’ after the update. They have to be manually set to ‘Yes’ if required.

Hot rinse.png