T4C location settings; why and how?

Lely’s management systems provide essential information, for example about specific cows to be collected. However, if the exact location of the cow is unclear, the enhanced efficiency that is provided by, for instance, Lely T4C InHerd, is bound to evaporate and precious time is lost when searching cows. To prevent such situations, it is essential that the correct locations are set in Lely T4C Desktop.

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How do settings in T4C Desktop work?

In the left menu bar of T4C Desktop, we find the section 'Configuration' (figure 1). In this section, you see the option 'Global FarmSetup' and here you can select the tab 'locations'. This is the environment where you can set the locations.

Fig.1 T4C settings for adding Locations

Make sure that all devices belonging to this location are set in the right location (figures 2 and 3), for example if a Cosmix feeder is installed as well. After the cow visits the device (robot, Cosmix, Grazeway etc.), she is allocated to the correct location.

Fig.2 T4C settings overview for devices and locations

Fig.3 T4C settings for placing devices in the right locations

Lely T4C InHerd

Especially when working with Lely T4C InHerd, the use of correct locations is essential, because — just to give an example — cows to be collected are shown per location. Figure 4 shows the difference between working with one or two locations. In the example on the left-hand all cows to be collected are shown, but their location is unclear. In the example on the right-hand these cows are shown per location which results in a clear overview of cows to be collected and their locations.

Fig.4 L/H image shows all cows in the barn; the R/H images provides a clear insight into the number of cows per location


In case a dairy farmer uses Lely T4C InHerd but has failed to set up the locations, you need to disable the 'old' locations and enable the 'new' locations per task. This can be done via Today-task management in Lely T4C InHerd.

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