Whether for automatic milking or automatic feeding, you need to be able to rely on your machines all the time. Every day of the week, 365 days a year. With Lely’s service technicians, you are guaranteed optimum use of Lely products.

Technicians pay you regular visits for periodic maintenance. They can be there quickly in the event of any possible malfunction. Regardless of the date or time, you have support 24/7.


Through specialised training, experience in the field and often also an agricultural background, our technicians speak the sector’s language. All technicians work in their own area and know the background, details of the farm and the equipment in use. This means that they can hit the ground running.

This also makes them a trusted partner on whom you can rely. They can quickly make the right decisions and resolve any possible issues. This provides peace of mind: your technician is always at your disposal.

Thanks to our many facilities worldwide and our extensive distributor network, you are also assured of a technician with knowledge of local conditions, laws and regulations.

Technical Service Support in practice

In the barn

Every dairy farmer who makes the transition to automatic milking or feeding receives guidance, both from a technical and a management aspect. This guidance is provided before, during and after the installation/start-up of the automatic systems. This occurs in accordance with a pre-established structured plan. This means that you know what to expect and you can rely on optimal performance from our products from the very start.

During this process, service technicians work closely with their colleagues from Farm Management Support. They get advice and training on the use of our automatic cow, work and management systems.

Even after installation and start-up you can continue to rely on the technician for questions on usage and technical optimisation.

While the system is in operation, the service technician pays regular visits to your farm for preventive maintenance. Prevention is better than cure. With preventive maintenance you avoid unexpected faults and large-scale maintenance works stay under control. This makes usage costs easier to predict and manage.

In the event of a technical problem, you receive an automatic alarm signal. If you are unable to resolve the fault, the technician is on call. The technician can be there quickly, within two hours when necessary.


Before technicians are allowed to perform maintenance or provide support they must have passed a Lely certification programme. The Lely Academy, our internal training organisation, runs this programme. It is developed specially for the maintenance of our products.

The certification programme contains several levels. Every level raises the service technician’s knowledge, experience and problem-solving skills. Depending on the kind of fault, a more experienced colleague may assist the technician. In addition to our certification programme, our service technicians are fully encouraged to keep their expertise up to the required levels and to learn from each other. Technicians share knowledge and experience with each other. They also have access to a wealth of digital information, best practices and manuals, all of which help them in their work.

With this knowledge, experience and dedication, our team of technicians does everything possible to guarantee you maximum uptime and resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

‘The support provided by Lely Italia was crucial. We worked together as a team to solve the problem.’

Think global, act local

Our local service technicians do not work alone. They are given 24/7 support by national and international Technical Service Support teams.

These teams gather feedback, knowledge and information from technicians worldwide. They ensure that our machines continue their development based on this information. Regardless of whether this is for barn automation or forage harvesting machines.

Alongside ongoing training, the service technicians are informed weekly about the latest technical developments. They have access to digital resources to continue to further their knowledge.

The best results at a low cost

We are proud that so many farmers worldwide use our products in their day-to-day work. By continually aligning our technical service to the needs and requirements that emerge from the field, we perpetually fine-tune our level of service. We want to keep providing the best support to you as farmers with running your business.

By pooling our resources, we achieve maximum peace of mind and the best possible results for the lowest possible usage costs. Twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year.

Why our maintenance?

A healthy dairy farm demands more than just healthy animals, the right choices and partners. It is also about the preconditions, such as the equipment and machines. That is why we offer technical support and the right tools to make the equipment durable for a long period of time.