Lely discontinues commercial activities in Russia and Belarus

Lely is shocked by Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine. The Ukrainian people are in the midst of a war and face great uncertainty. Our thoughts are with the people directly affected by this crisis. Lely condemns Russia’s invasion and is immediately ceasing commercial activities in the region. This means that we will stop supplying robots to Russia and Belarus. We will continue to supply spare parts and consumables to our existing customers in these countries, considering that otherwise cow welfare and food supply in the region would be compromised.

March 4, 2022


Discontinuing Commercial Activities

As a global supplier of dairy farm robots, we are aware of our role in global food supply, including in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. We want to do right by the interests of the population (food supply), cows (animal welfare) and the promises we have made to our farmers, among others. On the other hand, we condemn all forms of violence used by Russia in this crisis. The current actions are not compatible with our values, and this has made us decide to completely stop our commercial activities in Russia and Belarus. 

Every day, and with every action we take, we consider whether it is still contributing sufficiently to the goal of guaranteeing animal welfare where possible. In doing so, we are also taking a critical look at the role and position of our partners with whom we cooperate in this area.

The safety of people comes first. Those of our direct and indirect colleagues, suppliers and customers, and of everyone who is experiencing the consequences of this crisis in one way or another. Within the limited room for manoeuvre that Lely still has, our decisions will in the first instance be driven by the responsibility we have for the safety of our people and the people we work with.  

For material support, Lely made a donation to an Ukrainian sister organization of FBNed (Familiebedrijven Nederland, of which Lely is a member), which has set up two humanitarian programmes in Ukraine. 

Farmers’ business continuity versus sanctions 
Although Lely strongly condemns the invasion of Ukraine, based on current knowledge we will not unilaterally stop supporting our existing farmers in Russia, Belarus and surrounding countries. The only reason to supply parts and maintenance products to existing customers who are not on a sanctions list, is in the interest of animal welfare and because of the critical role our customers have in food supply.

We operate according to the following principles: 

  1. Within the possibilities of the worldwide sanctions, we only supply spare parts and consumables to existing Lely customers. Considering the severity of the sanctions, Lely cannot guarantee timely and complete delivery of said products. 
  1. All partners that Lely works with in these areas are/will be screened on the basis of the international sanctions lists. The same applies to all (potential) customers, the financial partners of our customers, our carriers, the financial partners of carriers and all other possible stakeholders. 
  1. If parties appear on the sanctions lists known to Lely, all forms of cooperation shall be terminated in accordance with the applicable sanctions of the EU, UK and US. 
  1. New projects will be assessed when the sanctions are lifted.  

For more information please contact Geert Frank, Head of International Marketing and Communications at Lely International NV: gfrank@lely.com, +31 (0) 6 51843294.