Lely Horizon will soon collect and connect data from and between most Lely devices, farming partners and suppliers, your herd and your input. In this platform, the cow and farmer are central. Horizon interprets the data and turns it into useable actions, tasks, alerts and reports. It enables you to route tasks and priorities to your preferred daily work routine. It allows you to work efficiently and all with the goal of letting the cows simply be cows.

Since farming is a game of margins, it is key to have farm management software that monitors your financial performance. Just a couple of key elements will help you stay in line with your cost flow.

Voorbeelden Horizon

Milk yield prediction

Insights into the calculated milk production for the coming six months provides you financial insight for the near future.

Margin per cow

Your feeding strategy has a major impact on your results! It’s an essential tool for evaluating your farm profitability per individual cow over time and measure the average farm margin.

Health monitoring

As a farmer, it all comes down to taking good care of your herd. You naturally want to improve cow health, so let Horizon help you with actionable insights here too.

With the health task, you can monitor overall animal health and identify problems at an early stage. By acting quickly, you can prevent further issues. The software defines what actions are required and provides some background information on the alert. Work efficiently by managing exceptions. Knowing why a certain cow receives an attention makes it easier to focus on priorities. Continuous monitoring and filtering help you to concentrate on the cows that truly need attention, leading to a more efficient way of working and leaving more time for other activities.


More about Connect & Collect

Lely Horizon collect and connect data

Farm Management Support

Help during start-up Horizon

Making the transition to automated milking or feeding is a big step. Precisely because this is all about the continuity of your business, we provide you with full support. This helps you make the right choice and start your new way of working.

Our Lely Farm Management Support team is closely involved in this support and in training you to use Lely Horizon.

Striving for optimal results is vital to business continuity. That is why we advise you to optimise your company’s results in both a proactive and reactive fashion. For this, we look at the overall picture: from feeding to milking. By doing so, we help you to achieve a sustainable, profitable and enjoyable future.