Whether in the barn, in the office or at home, the Lely Horizon farm management system gives you full control over your dairy farm. It knows exactly what’s going on within your herd and serves as a library, operating system, herdsman, personal assistant and trainer — all at the same time.

Manage more cows with less staff

The Lely Astronaut robotic milking system gives you the tools you need to run a precision pasture-based system without the need to increase staffing numbers. In fact, one employee can manage, on average, 27 more milking cows per person with robotics than other conventional systems.

Milking for you 24/7

The Lely Astronaut is available 24/7 to milk your cows when they want to be milked, for years to come. It is flexible and fully trained to prepare the cow for milking, to attach teat cups, to reattach in the event that is required, to detach after milking and to carry out post-milking treatment.

Keep an eye on each individual cow

Many factors can be monitored on a cow-by-cow basis; factors that cannot be provided in a conventionally milked herd. Successful robotic milking is a new style of farm management where the decisions are transferred from the farmer to the cow. You can treat your cows individually, resulting in improved cow health, shorter calving intervals, a reduction in feed costs and, of course, improved staff efficiency. It also allows you and your employees more flexibility in your schedule to manage essential on-farm functions such as pasture and feed requirements, farm maintenance, animal health and the day-to-day running of your complex business.

A more efficient workflow

We believe farmers should spend the majority of their time on-farm looking after their herd. Farm management is not an office job; therefore Lely Horizon provides two interfaces based on the same system. The PC version offers the comfort of a perfect overview, whereas the mobile, InHerd app version presents your strategic information as operational, all your need-to-know data with the tools to check, act and improve your herd's overall performance. Anywhere, anytime.

Flexibility to do what you want, when you want

No longer are you restricted by set milking times or the everyday routines of milking through a conventional system. With the Lely Astronaut, you are able to organize your work day the way you want, allowing you to be more flexible and no longer having to stick to fixed milking times. The time saved by not having to physically milk cows can be spent monitoring your herd and making critical business decisions.

‘It is nice to be able to rely on the robots to do the work so we can manage the cows and work in the other divisions.’