Meet the Connor family

Michael and Jodie Connor, along with their children, currently manage two family dairies on the Fleurieu Peninsula. One of these farms, located in Mt. Jagged, is a newly built robotic dairy with six Lely A5 robots installed. Jake Connor works as the overall farm manager, overseeing the pastures and cattle on both dairies and Chelsea, who describes herself as an animal lover, oversees the calf rearing and animal health.

Data that comes with robotic milking

Jake and Michael describe how much the data gathering features of the Lely Astronaut appeals to them. The benefits they describe range from the milk fat & protein percentage indication, gathered from each cow, along with cell count, feeding, rumination, milk quality and milk quantity information. Utilising this additional data, in conjunction with their existing information, has allowed the Connor family to improve production by giving them more control in the dairy and optimising feed per cow.

"Well effectively we get a herd test every cow, every milking." - Jake Connor

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The Connor Family

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More milk in the tank with less effort

Producing high-quality milk requires time and care. It requires healthy and happy cows. It requires making the right choices. Choices that fit in with you and your goals. Our solutions for automatic milking help you with this.