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Peter and Larissa Joyce

Peter and Larissa Joyce own a 220 acre dairy farm where they milk 140 cows. Their previous dairy was a 12 aside swing over herringbone, in a traditional twice a day batch milking system. After retrofitting two Lely Astronaut A5 milking robots they now milk on a pasture based grazing system, utilizing A, B grazing to best suit their operation to create a favourable work life balance.

A new lifestyle

Since the introduction of the milking robots Peter and Larissa are pleased that their work-life balance has improved. Peter no longer needs to wake up at five in the morning to milk the cows, with the flexibility to arrive to the farm in his own time. He further explained the physical stress that years of milking was taking on his body, saying "It's a lot easier on the legs. I was getting really sore legs, sore feet from milking for so many years." Larissa is enjoying the change and positive benefits to their lifestyle that automation has provided, expressing her happiness in seeing Peter being able to continue his passion of coaching football thanks to his new found free time.

"Lifestyle definitely changed... Peter gets more time with us. Having the Lely Astronaut A5 robots, allowed Peter to go back to coaching football with our sons. It frees him up from not having to be here in the morning and at night milking the cows." - Larissa Joyce

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