Working for the Lely Group means working in an ambitious international family business. We have more than thirty facilities and customers in over sixty countries and are the market leader in automated systems for dairy farmers worldwide. We are a pioneer of wind turbines on farms. Recognized and acknowledged as a leader in Dutch manufacturing.

Apart from being a leader in our field, we also distinguish ourselves as a company with an informal atmosphere and a solid background in the agricultural sector. Our origins are in Maassluis (the Netherlands), where the company was founded in 1948. Even today, the Lely Campus is still established there. This is our head office and also a hub of innovation and creation. 

We are proud to have been confirmed as a Great Place To Work by the Great Place to Work UK®. A lot of hard work has been put in over the past couple of years to achieve an amazing culture and building a team who are dedicated in supporting our Lely Centers and Lely Center customers. 

Our values

Our unique combination of being a front-runner and a family business with a solid background in the agricultural sector is reflected in our core values: innovation, passion, progress, respect and honesty. 

Our passion for the agricultural sector consistently brings us outside the realm of traditional ideas to come up with revolutionary concepts. With the introduction of innovative and ground-breaking products, such as our milking robot, we have already enjoyed tremendous success. To meet the needs of our customers, at Lely we develop and manufacture highly engineered products. These are based on the latest technology in the area of robotics and data processing. We are very proud of this! 

We work with respect for people, animals and the environment. We are open and honest about our focal point: the wishes, needs and dreams of our customers. Our passion for innovation and sustainability is based on this. Lely employees are driven and engaged. With the culture of a family business they are respectful, honest and entirely customer-focused.

Working at Lely
#Our people make the difference

Smart working

All over the world, we work with over one thousand employees to find solutions to support farmers in their businesses. The freedom of choice that they, by definition, have as entrepreneurs is central to this. Based on their business goals, we advise them on smart ways to run a dairy farm. With a view to the future and the possibilities of the present. 

Running a business and smart working are also themes that are central to our own organisation. We are always on the lookout for new ways to work together more efficiently and intelligently, across borders and time zones. 

At Lely you can make a contribution beyond the scope of your own role. In a continuous effort to go a step further towards being better and different. In essence, we are raising the bar for the customer - you - and the company. We have no nine-to- five mentality, but we are passionate and results-oriented. This is the attitude we welcome. There is room for ideas and to develop these ideas. It is this freedom that makes Lely such a great place to work.

Lely Academy

We stimulate progress and passion by challenging colleagues to bring out the best in themselves. With the Lely Academy we offer a range of educational and training programmes. These allow our employees worldwide to grow and best serve our customers. The Lely Academy safeguards our DNA for the future. 

You can obtain certifications based on your own career goals. For example, as a technician for one of our products or as an advisor for our Farm Management Support department. There are also personal development courses for acquiring skills such as leadership and negotiation.

Caring about our customers and our employees, being a front-runner with a solid background and working in a sustainable sector: these are the things that make Lely a great place to work.

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A great place to work

Stewart McAlister

Customer Solutions Manager

"I work from the office and the field, I really enjoy the combination as it allows me to meet customers. My main responsibility is promoting the adoption and commercial success of our products through our Lely Center network. This is my favourite part of the job, visiting happy customers, who are proud of their investment and knowing with Lely products we have helped them achieve their goals."

Addi Kidson

Customer Sales Support

"My role is field based supporting the sales of the Milking and Cooling product portfolio across the UK and Ireland. I help customers and prospects to be better informed across all aspects of the value Lely can bring to their farms before, during and after the sale due to the unique ethos Lely as a company bring to Dairy farming as an industry. I am proud to be part of Lely team as we have an incredibly strong team with vast experience, knowledge and drive."

Pete Clark

IT Support Manager

"Working within IT at Lely has offered me the opportunity to explore and expand on my knowledge of a diverse range of software and hardware systems. From everyday troubleshooting of off-the-shelf packages to handling complicated queries involving bespoke software systems, each day presents a unique challenge and opportunity to learn. Making sure internal IT is working efficiently is a key part of the Lely infrastructure, and ensures our customers receive the best experience possible."

Will you be our new colleague?

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Why Lely?

Farmers all over the world make choices about how they set up and run their farms. Every day, we help them make the best choices for themselves and their farms. We do this by providing advice and innovative solutions that contribute to efficient farm management. For sustainable milk and meat production. Present and future.