We believe that automated milking systems have numerous advantages over traditional parlours from the improved welfare of your herd to better efficiency as well as a host of practical benefits.

The Lely Astronaut A5 is the new milestone in automatic milking. It's an evolution that incorporates everything we have learnt over the past 25 years since we invented automatic milking. We looked at our cows, we listened to our customers and we stuck to proven practices, but we also completely redesigned every part of the system.

Advantages of the Lely automatic milking system


Connect and collect data

Get insights and information on all your cows in a few quick clicks on the mobile or desktop


Lower total costs of ownership

It is built with a limited number of fast and decisive electrical movements, making it highly energy efficient

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24/7 Support

Regardless of the time, day or night, you can rely on your local Lely Center's 24/7 technical support

Herd management.jpg

Herd management support

Our advisors help you understand your Lely robots and how to optimize your herd to the fullest extent

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Cow comfort

Your cows decide themselves when to eat, drink, relax or be milked


Increased roughage intake

Possibility to feed more advanced rations even in combination with liquid feed


Better udder health

Get clear insights about udder health and understand when to take action. 


More milk per cow

See an increase in your milk yields. High-quality milk in the tank is what every dairy farm aims for

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Read what our customers have to say...

O'Connor's Farm, Killeagh, Co. Cork

Kevin and Winnie O’Connor farm a 70-cow dairy herd outside Killeagh in Co. Cork and made the successful transition from their traditional 6-unit herringbone milking parlour to a modern robotic milking system.

Haffey Family, Portadown, Co Armagh

“Installing a rotary parlour would have required a new shed on a green field site. When we worked out the figures it made practical, and economic sense, to replace the robots.”

Tom and Stephanie Stack, Co. Cork

"After a trip to Holland in 2017 our eyes were really opened to the possibilities with robotic milking. The face that it was working so successfully and that we met two farmers with robots who were working off farm."