More than just hoof care

The Lely Treatment Box is designed for all types of cow care for which the cow needs to stand still. It is not only hoof care that is easier with the Treatment Box. The Treatment Box is also ideal for insemination, Caesarean section and administration of medication. For your cow and for yourself.

Ready for treatment in one minute

Getting a cow ready for treatment as quickly as possible with the least physical exertion: this is what you get with the Treatment Box. The Treatment Box is designed to allow you to treat the cow from different sides. Depending on the treatment needed, you determine which part you open or remove for the best view of and access to your cow.

Comfortable for the cow

Safe and controlled treatment is also better for the cow. That is why the Treatment Box is equipped with functions that make it easy on the cow during treatment. The entrance is large enough for all types of cow and the belly band and leg lifts are made of soft and comfortable material. These ensure safety at the same time.

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