Lely closes a fantastic year with record sales of Astronaut A5 milking robots

2019 was an exceptional year for Lely. The Lely Astronaut A5 milking robot, which was introduced in 2018, generated record sales. Sales of other Lely robotics in the 46 countries we’re active in shows that the adoption of robots in dairy farms is continuing worldwide. Lely’s performance was noticed throughout the world in 2019. In April, the company was voted ‘Family Business of the Year’, and Lely was officially certified as a ‘Great Place to Work’ at the end of the year. 2019 also marked Alexander van der Lely’s announcement that he would become chairman of Lely’s new Supervisory Board. On 1 January, he was replaced as CEO by Andre van Troost, a former member of the company’s Executive Board. The Supervisory Board’s task is to ensure that Lely continues to be a robust family business in the future.

March 9, 2020



The increasing adoption of robotics in dairy farming worldwide has boosted Lely’s turnover by 46% to € 606 million. With a growing base of installed milking, feeding and barn robots, the sales of consumables and services also increased sharply. This increase in turnover was achieved in every region where Lely is active, and was particularly noticeable in the European markets where robotics are now the norm. In 2020, Lely will continue to invest in R&D at the desired level, allowing it to remain a leading player in robotics and farm management worldwide. 

Andre van Troost, CEO of Lely: "The success of our Lely Astronaut A5, the development of the Lely Orbiter, the Family Business Award, and certification as a 'Great Place to Work' all prove the dynamism of our company. The urge to innovate permeates the company, and in 2020 this will continue to help our customers around the globe enjoy a more profitable, enjoyable and sustainable future. Alexander van der Lely handed over a healthy company, with a record turnover and enormous growth potential in 2019. As Executive Board, we couldn’t wish for a better starting position." 

2020 market forecast 
In 2019, the prices of basic dairy products increased worldwide. Modest growth in global milk production is expected in 2020. Slowing economic growth, trade wars, Brexit, and of course the spread of the Corona virus will also impact global dairy markets and milk prices. 

The importance of sustainability is high on the agenda particularly in Europe, due to government legislation and regulations, and consumer demand (such as food traceability, animal welfare, retention of biodiversity, etc.). As a result, society is showing a growing interest in dairy farming. This means that dairy farmers must have a continuous and open dialogue with local stakeholders and consciously manage their farms with regard to sustainability, animal welfare and food safety. The growing success of the Lely Orbiter and the associated 'Mijn Melk’ (‘My Milk’) platform supports dairy farmers in this area. A 'mini milk factory' on the farm means farmers can respond to consumers’ changing preferences and invest in a sustainable future for their businesses. 

Trend-setting vision of the future  
In 2020, Lely will continue to assert its leading role in farm management and the further automation of dairy farming activities around the world. During 'Lely Future Farm Days', a multi-day event in June 2020, Lely will present its vision of a sustainable and fully automated dairy farm of the future. A number of innovations will also be exhibited.

More information
For more information, please contact Sergio Ooijens, Head of Marketing & Communications at Lely International NV: sooijens@lely.com; Tel. +31 (0)6 24243237.