Maximum use of data

Lely has been on the forefront of innovations for dairy farming for decades. We extended from mechanization to automation and now into digitalization. The digital services we offer add to our already established competitive advantage in farming automation. Now we move from seeing to measuring and interpreting the data with smart algorithms.

There is an untapped potential in data

Our customer’s data is all over the farm and spread over many parties that visit the farm, supply the farm, or collect from the farm. A digital eco system is emerging and taking from where the voice of our customer will determine the future direction. New sensors, powerful algorithms, artificial intelligence, miniature computers; everything gets connected.

Measuring and knowing becomes the new norm, but how to make the most of it, how to harvest this potential in data? When industry partners and suppliers join hands to connect farmers data, they can make life easy for all farmers.

Lely Horizon

The next step towards a bright future in dairy automation

Lely Horizon is available for all farmers with a Lely Astronaut automatic milking system or a Lely Vector automatic feeding system. Discover the Lely Horizon packages: Control and Advance. Find out which one suits you best.

More about Lely Horizon

Data synchronization

A modern dairy farm generates an enormous amount of data. The Lely Astronaut milking robot by itself generates relevant data about milk quality, cow health, rumination, feed efficiency and more. Which provides you information about your herd, individual cows and shares details down to milk quarter level. Data outside the farm is also important for insights and decision making. Suppliers like feed advisors, semen suppliers and veterinaries also have data about your farm and herd. 

Synchronisation between different applications from your suppliers will soon belong to the past. Lely is ready to connect with software from third parties, like your feed supplier, veterinarian, genetic companies and others. By combining individual cow data from separate sources your information becomes more valuable.


Why our solutions?

Freedom of choice and well-being for yourself and your cows. Flexibility and well-being for yourself and your cows, while at the same time producing high-quality milk. That is what our barn concept offers. From milking to feeding and from care to barn lighting.