As a dairy farmer, you often make choices to allow your business to grow. Obtaining the right financing can increase your opportunities for investing in your future. Finance offers a number of clear advantages. You lose no liquidity and costs stay under control and in line with the day-to- day use of our products.

Expertise for the most favourable terms

Along with our finance partners we present a range of finance options that best suit your circumstances and goals. Together we come up with the right finance plan. Our long-standing experience in offering reliable and durable products also comes into play. This has a positive effect on the final proposal.

The finance process explained

Always the right advice at every step of the way

1. What do you need?

2. The finance proposal

3. Credit check

4. Contract

5. Use

6. Spread payments

Freedom of choice

Freedom of choice for the dairy farmer is also central to finance advice. That is why we offer options through external parties that fit in with different financial needs: paying for use or financing ownership. Through our finance partners we can offer options to match the finance to your circumstances.

The finance options differ from country to country and are fully compliant with national laws and regulations. 


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Why our partnerships?

Every farmer in the world has to make decisions daily for their farm. Choices both for themselves and their business. But they do not need to do this on their own. They have the help of advisors to find the right solutions and steer their business in the right direction.

More and more of you are choosing Lely as a long-term partner. That is because every day our products and services allow you to take another step towards your desired results. We are by your side with the right people, who are skilled and highly trained.