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The challenges and satisfactions of dairy farming in Australasia are unique in comparison to the rest of the world. To showoff how one-of-a-kind our farmers and dairy-regions are, we have decided to kickoff an exciting initiative in June 2023, a podcast we call: The Dairy Experience

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Did you know that? 

  • We have about 1,3 million dairy cows in Australia.
  • We have about 4,9 million dairy cows in New Zealand.
  • We have about 4.420 dairy farms in Australia.
  • We have about 11.000 dairy farms in New Zealand.
  • About 83 farms are milking through an automatic milking machine in Australasia.
  • This number is rapidly increasing every year.

The Dairy Experience

With The Dairy Experience podcast we would love to:

  • Have some entertaining, thought-provoking discussions about dairy farming in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Invite farmers, feed advisors, veterinarians and other relevant people from our sector to participate in our podcast and exchange interesting points of views.
  • Tell the stories of farmers.
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Upcoming Episodes:

  • Episode 8: Road to Robotics, with New Zealand farmer Layne Greensill and Graham Petrie
  • Episode 9: Retrofitting, participants TBD

Upcoming Episodes

Episode 9:
Optimised Feeding

Loren Greensill, daughter of dairy farmer Layne Greensill in the previous episode, sits down with Graham Petrie to discuss feeding dairy cattle, and how robotics plays a part in optimising this essential process.

Optimised Feeding

With Loren Greensill and Graham Petrie

Release date: 24th of July

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Our first released podcasts

We already released two episodes of the Dairy Experience. You can find them here below, enjoy listening! 

Episode 1:
First Generation Robotic Dairy Farmers

Discover how Phil and Symone Vines found success as first generation robotic dairy farmers, along with all the different features of their system that they effectively utilise in their day-to-day farming. 

First Generation Robotic Dairy Farmers

With Phil & Symone Vines

Released on: Tuesday the 6th of June

Robotic Milking in combination with Grazing

A talk between Tasmanian farmers John van Adrichem, Garry Carpenter and our FMS advisor Innocent Rugoho

Expected release of episode 2: Tuesday the 4th of July

Episode 2:
Combining Robotic Milking with a Grazing-Based System 

Our second episode addresses the recent research completed by Lely and the University of Melbourne to investigate robotic milking efficiencies within a grazing based system. Our FMS Advisor and co author of the paper Innocent Rugoho sits down to chat with Tasmanian dairy farmers John van Adrichem and Garry Carpenter.

Episode 3:
Grazing vs Barns

Unlike most of the world, dairy farms in Australia and New Zealand are commonly operated utilizing a grazing based system. Despite this, interest in barn setups has been growing within the Australasia region, especially when paired with robotic milking. In this episode of the Dairy Experience, we sit down with dairy farmers Mandy Dee who operates a barn setup and Sara McNeil who runs a grazing based system. Together with Lely team member Jason Koenig, they will be discussing the two types of dairy farming setups while comparing some of their advantages, challenges and processes.

Grazing vs Barns

With Sara McNeil & Mandy Dee, hosted by Jason Koenig

Release date: Thursday 14th of September

Surviving Tough Times

Hosted by Graham Petrie, featuring Helwi Tacoma

Release Date: 1st of November

Episode 4: Surviving Tough Times

We dive deep into the challenges facing New Zealand's dairy industry, exploring the key drivers influencing the market and the current pain points for. Join us as we discuss the impact of these challenges, the technological solutions available, and the vital lessons farmers are learning to adapt and thrive. Plus, hear from former farm consultant and director of Intelact Helwi Tacoma, on farm budget management and how investments, like robotics, are still possible during tough times.

Episode 5:
Robotic Transition Truths

In this fantastic episode, Jason Koenig, Lely Australia's Regional Accounts Manager with over 17 years of dairy farming management experience, joins forces with Briar Loveridge, Lely's farm management support team leader. Together, they debunk common misconceptions surrounding the transition from traditional dairy farming setups to the innovative realm of robotics.

Robotic Transition Truths

With Jason Koenig and Briar Loveridge

Release date: Thursday the 14th of December

Episode 6:
Succession Planning

Peter and Lisa Vening are two forward thinking dairy farmers in the Gippsland region. Lely Center Gippsland manager Dale Serong sit down with them to discuss how technology has played a role in how they're preparing their three sons to eventually inherit their farm. Get valuable insights on setting up the next generation for success and delve into the inspiring story of the Venings family by tuning in to this compelling upcoming episode!

Succession Planning

With Dale Serong and the Vening family

Release date: Wednesday 28th of February

Episode 7:
Financing Robots

Intrigued by the idea of robotic milking systems, Southwest Victoria dairy farmer Mat Lyne initially dismissed it as financially unattainable however, after further research and discussions with DLL, Mat found a viable solution to bring his robotic farming dream to reality. Join us as we sit down with Mat and DLL representative Alexander Hucker Stewart to explore Mat's path to automation and the diverse financing options DLL have to offer!

Financing Robots

With Mat Lyne, Alexander Hucker Stewart and Jason Koenig.

Release date: Wednesday 24th of April.

Episode 8:
Road to Robotics


For New Zealand dairy farmer Layne Greensill, the journey to where he is now has been one of excellent foresight and meticulous planning. Over the past ten years, Layne has been enacting his incredibly well thought out transition from a traditional system to robotics. Discover how Layne prepared his farm, his cows and himself for robotics in this upcoming episode!

Road to Robotics

With Layne Greensill and Graham Petrie

Just released: Thursday 30th of May

Pasture based automated milking

Perfectly suited to pastoral milking systems just like we have here, automating your milking means less labour costs and leads to more efficient milk extraction and animal knowledge.