Southern Star Farm Open Day

June 25, 2024
10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Southern Star Farms started milking with Lely milking robots in 2013. Run by Jo Crack, she is opening the farm gate to the public on the 25th of June. Registration is required.


Southern Star Farms

Run by Jo Crack, is a 360-cow dairy farm located near the Waituna Lagoon in Southland that currently milks with four A5 Astronaut Milking Robots. Her beloved Jersey cows enjoy the freedom to come and go to the robots as they please and Joanne enjoys the freedom of not being tied to the milking shed twice a day.

The data provided by the robots for every cow, at every milking, helps Joanne make the vital decisions to keep her herd healthy and productive.

Registration is required, so secure your spot today!

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‘If we hadn't put in the robot we wouldn't be dairy farming now. Robots have given us freedom and taken the stress away. It's an entirely different lifestyle and are user-friendly for the next generation.’

Address details

Southen Star Farms

Open Farm Day

108 Moffat Road
Waituna, RD5, Invercargill

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Pasture based automated milking

Perfectly suited to pastoral milking systems just like we have here, automating your milking means less labour costs and leads to more efficient milk extraction and animal knowledge.