The Lely Discovery Collector, now available in New Zealand

Daily hosing or flood wash, a thing of the past with the Lely Discovery Collector

A clean floor prevents hoof problems and keeps tails and udders clean. The Lely Discovery relieves you of your daily hosing or flood wash routine. It operates at times of your choosing and follows a route that you select. 24/7 all year round, saving you time & money while reducing your total effluent storage capacity. The Lely Discovery Collector, a proven product in many countries already and now available in New Zealand!

July 1, 2024


Disco C2 Intro

Since 2005 Lely has been cleaning slatted barn and shed floors around the globe with the Discovery 90 S and 90 SW. In 2016, Lely entered the market for automatic cleaning of closed floors with the Discovery Collector C1 –  a new revolutionary way where manure is collected by a vacuum pump. The recently released Discovery Collector C2, which is  available for New Zealand farmers has an increased driving capacity and charges wirelessly.

Collecting manure instead of pushing 
Rather than pushing the manure forward, the robot collects it and unloads above a dumping point at your preferred location, before recharging again for the next route. For an optimal cleaning result, the Discovery Collector C2 can use water to thin the manure at the front and to prevent new manure from sticking to the floor in the back. This water is tanked independently and stored in two water bags in the manure tank. As the manure tank becomes fuller, the volume of the water bags decreases so that more space becomes available for manure. 

Compact and energy efficient 
As a result, the machine is compact. Cows can easily get around it and the Discovery Collector C2 can drive under (separation) fences and through cross alleys. With an efficient 24V lithium battery, the robot only takes around 3 kWh per day in electricity consumption. All by driving programmed routes based on your planning, specifically made for your daily rhythm and that of your cows. 

Discover the possibilities with the Discovery Collector C2: the automatic solution for clean floors!

Disco C2 Intro

A perfect fit for sheds and barns with maximum flexibility 
The Discovery Collector C2 navigates independently using built-in sensors. You can program your preferred route and set your schedule around peak & off-peak traffic times. How easy would it be for you to schedule the Discovery Collector around your milking times? The Lely Discovery Collector will do the rest for you! The Lely Discovery Collector on your farm eliminates the need for cables, corner pulleys, and raised cross alleys as with, for example, a manure scraper. Fewer obstacles allow cows to move more safely through the barn and/or shed. It also allows for more flexibility in the design of your total farm concept, for example when considering automatic milking as well now or into the future. 
The importance of a clean floor.  
With the Discovery Collector C2, floors are cleaned automatically to the farmer's needs. The compact robot navigates between cows, sorting gates, cubicles, and waiting areas. This ensures a clean floor which is conducive to, free cow movement and cow comfort.  

First 4 Lely Discovery Collector C2 are already installed 
Did you know that the first 4 Lely Discovery Collector C2’s are already installed in New Zealand? Recently Bruce Dinnington from Dacre, near Invercargill started them up. Soon we would love to share his first user experiences with you. 

See below the before and after
installation pictures at Bruce Dinnington


Curious to see more about the Lely Discovery Collector? Then click here to go to the product page directly.  

 For more information, please contact René van Dalen, Marketing Manager Lely Oceania, +61 (0) 427 356 419