Let the data do the work; there’s no need for extensive analysis. You only need to make your decisions based on one single source of truth. Lely Horizon helps you by combining data and providing insights to further optimise your farm.

Improve your way of farming and save even more time with smart algorithms that analyse data and trends for you. Advice appears when it matters most, allowing you to respond quickly and know which action to take. Predictions on the dashboard show forecast outcomes, which help steer you towards the desired long-term plan. 

Maximise efficiency

Horizon focuses on maximising (robot) efficiency and provides advice on reducing unsuccessful milkings. It gives insight into the best performing cows and advises you which cows to keep open.

Milk settings are suitable for every farm and customer. ‘Good’ milking leads to good teat condition & milking out. Of course, you want to be able to minimise bimodality and focus on maximum utilisation of robot capacity.

A selection of the functionalities

Lely Horizon has several new and improved functionalities. Let us highlight a few:

Ketosis indication and treatment advice

Seeing a decline in rumination activity can indicate the cow is suffering from (subclinical) ketosis. Rumination, in combination with other risk factors, can trigger a ketosis treatment advice. Horizon puts this cow on the list of suspected ketose cows and provides treatment advice. This will prevent the disease and (milk) losses from getting worse. With the help of data-driven advice, you will be the first to detect diseases sooner. Acting sooner helps avoid prolonged cow milking intervals, milk production loss, extra treatment costs, and discarded milk.

Failure reduction advice

Failed milking attempts can have a negative effect on your milk yield. Horizon advises you how to prevent future failures for that specific cow and free up time for your robots, e.g. by drying her off early or milking her less frequently. In the past, you had to spend time finding the issue and then solving it. If you couldn’t identify the problem in the first-time round, the process had the potential of becoming a time-consuming cycle.

Keep open advice

Information on why this decision support is offered for this cow. This is a nice lactation curve compared to the other cows, but at a certain point she never returned to the same production level as before. She stayed behind. Based on this, the farmer was presented with a choice. They can now decide whether to disagree or agree (keep open).  This could easily have gone unnoticed. Careful individual cow management possibilities within Horizon decrease unnecessary losses. Horizon helps to distinguish between high and low overall performing cows at the moment of insemination. The cow index allows for cows to be ranked based on their production, health, reproduction and robot efficiency.

A selection of the functionalities

Prevention saves costs

Continuous monitoring is cost-effective. It is common knowledge that preventive treatments have a lower impact compared to curative treatments. So as a farmer it is important that this is set correctly in the treatment plans. 


Astronauts equipped with heat detection sensors can detect cows in heat. Horizon routes automatically, via the milking robot, the cows in heat to the separation area where the task needs to be executed. In the near future, Horizon will even provide sire advice per cow. Horizon just gives you the insemination task and separates the cow at the best scheduled time. It unburdens you and saves you time not having to write down info or remember cow numbers, fetch cows, choose the right bull and complete the task.

Custom take-off 

Specify your teat cup take-off settings at herd level. During the milking process, the teat cups per quarter are automatically removed at exactly the right moment.
•    Milk settings can be adjusted specifically for the company
•    Per group & per cow
•    Decrease time to fine-tune specifically for the company
•    Good milking and utilisation of capacity

Functionality under development

Pre-treatment optimiser

Horizon analyses the milk flow profiles of cows, even at quarter level. For each individual cow, the pre-treatment optimiser automatically customises the brushing time to optimise the milking process. This process reduces stress on the teats and ensures a gentler and complete milking. Continuous monitoring is cost-effective, and the PTO only spends extra brushing time to cows needing it.

Farm Management Support

Help during start-up Horizon

Making the transition to automated milking or feeding is a big step. Precisely because this is all about the continuity of your business, we provide you with full support. This helps you make the right choice and start your new way of working.

Our Lely Farm Management Support team is closely involved in this support and in training you to use Lely Horizon.

Striving for optimal results is vital to business continuity. That is why we advise you to optimise your company’s results in both a proactive and reactive fashion. For this, we look at the overall picture: from feeding to milking. By doing so, we help you to achieve a sustainable, profitable and enjoyable future.