Shorten your calves’ breeding period

Unlimited access to freshly prepared milk in the first 10 weeks of life pays off. It not only leads to good rumen health. It also positively influences vitality, fertility, and milk yield throughout the complete lifetime of your dairy cows.

Optimal calf feeding

The growth of the calf’s tissue and body is positively influenced by unlimited access to freshly prepared milk in the first 35 days. In those 5 weeks, a calf needs to double its birth weight. Supporting the natural drinking behaviour can do this.

In the next 35 days, the milk supply needs to be decreased to zero. At the same time, the intake of dry matter and concentrates needs to be increased gradually. This stimulates healthy development of rumen and makes a higher feed consumption at a later stage possible.

Increased milk yield
One of the benefits of unlimited access to freshly prepared milk that a calf reaches the ideal weight for insemination sooner. Thanks to the healthy and gradual growth, a calf can be inseminated up to 2 months earlier compared to calves fed conventionally. And that results in an increased milk yield through the whole lifespan of the dairy cow. 

Automated calf feeding

Automated calf feeding

Automating calf feeding brings many benefits to your dairy farm. In addition to healthy calf growth, it also brings optimal hygiene and labour saving on a daily basis.

Optimal hygiene
Improved barn hygiene and animal health comes along with automated calf feeding. Rather than manually cleaning the milk buckets and teats, the calf feeding machine takes care of the cleaning process. Fully automated and thorough, several times per day. With water and specific detergents leaving no space for bacteria to develop into fungi.

Optimal hygiene all the way down to the teat without any extra work.

Labour saving
Save time on a daily basis by using an automated calf feeder. In addition to the automated cleaning process, you’ll no longer need to fill and carry heavy milk buckets during the day. Think of the time that this will save you and how many other things on your to-do list you can do instead. Enjoy more flexibility in your daily routine and – in the end – more milk in your tank when your calves become mature dairy cows.


Efficient feeding has a positive effect on cow health and milk yield. Mixing the right portions in the right quantities and releasing them just at the right moment requires knowledge, understanding and time. Our products for automatic feeding take on this task and are exceptionally efficient. Saving you time and ensuring the right feed at the right moment.