Better light schedule, more milk

Good lighting in the barn has been shown to enhance cows’ productivity. With Lely Light for Cows (L4C) you can set up an efficient light plan, giving 150 – 200 lux light intensity in the barn, 16 hours a day. A good lighting plan can increase milk production by 6-15%. It can also have a positive influence on the cows’ activity, fertility and on the growth of your young cattle.

Fully automated

With L4C you are always assured of the right amount of light at the right time and in the right place in the barn. This is thanks to an individual lighting control system for each light. The lighting control system is fully automated and the amount of light is determined per individual light. The lighting control system also factors in light coming from outside. The best possible lighting with the least possible effort.

Energy saving

The unique and automated lighting control system means that Lely L4C also saves you energy. You can achieve the most efficient level of lighting with a minimum number of lights. By only allowing the lights to come on when necessary, you achieve the required lighting intensity with the fewest possible hours of lighting. Saving you energy.

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Lely Light for Cows is suited to
every farm

Low-intensity red lighting

during the night

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Cows need eight hours a day of darkness in order to rest properly. This can make it very difficult to work in the barn during the night. The L4C 30N and 17N have integrated LED red lighting for rest hours. This saves you money on installation costs of additional night lighting. Cows barely detect red light and it gives sufficient illumination for you to go on your rounds or carry out work without disturbing the cows.

The Lely L4C LED system consists of the following parts

Lely L4C 17

The L4C 17 fixture is perfect for lower barns or dry cow areas. It is also a great solution to light up your working areas.

Lely L4C 17N

The 17N fixture is similar to the 17 fixture but includes red nights.

Lely L4C 30N

The Lely 30N fixtures are perfect for higher barns, young stock and lactating cows and include red night lights.

Control box

The L4C LED Control box is a stand-alone light controlling system with a touch screen. If more than 60 fixtures or 5 groups are needed, a second (slave) control box can be added.

Light Sensor

The light sensor knows exactly when the light inside the barn drops below the minimum requirement and which amount of light is needed for the correct light level in the barn. This way the dimming possibilities of the fixtures are optimised throughout sunrise, sunset and dark winter days.

Switch box

The Switch Box can turn off the power in order to work safely on the system. It also provides connection terminals for cabling the system and serves as an external switch for the red night light at the entrance of the barn.

Technical specifications


Lely L4C LED 17

Lely L4C LED 17N

Lely L4C 30N


lower barn buildings
dry cows
working areas

lower barn buildings
dry cows
working areas

higher barn buildings
lactating cows
young stock

Lumen 16 800 16 800 30 300
Lumen per Watt 153 153 156
Dimmable yes yes yes
Colour white white white
Red LED check-up lights not available standard integration standard integration
Classification IP65 IP65 IP65
Expected lifetime 100 000 hrs (L90B50) 100 000 hrs (L90B50) 100 000 hrs (L90B50)

Housing and caring

An animal-friendly and productive environment contributes to optimal cow health and well-being. It also lengthens the lactation cycle. By choosing the best and most comfortable design for your barn with the right resources you can improve cow health. Milk yield also increases and costs go down.