High-quality machines, cost-effective

Are you looking for a reliable way to automate your daily chores? All Taurus certified used equipment in our Lely Certified Taurus programme is supplied with the latest software updates and a 12-month guarantee. What more certainty do you need?

Current stock

What makes the Lely platform the best choice for buying or selling used robots? We make sure that every used machine meets our strict history and maintenance standards. You can view our current stock at

Trusted sellers

The independent sellers in our network set their own prices, and guarantee you a good deal. If you’re thinking about purchasing used equipment through Lely Used, you can rely on expert support from your local Lely Center. Lely representatives will advise you on how to find the best used equipment for your farm.

Trade in

Ready to bring the latest innovations in automation technology to your dairy farm? Get the best possible exchange value on your pre-owned machine with our trade-in program.

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Five certainties

when buying a used Lely product

  1. Service: Your Lely Center is also on hand 24/7 for used robots
  2. Product: Developed and proven for long-term service
  3. In stock: A wide, transparent range, always attractively priced
  4. Maintenance: Original parts and certified personnel for the very best maintenance
  5. The Lely experience: Sustainable, profitable and pleasant, also for your used robots

The Lely Taurus is suited to every farm

Support at every step of the way

Always the right advice


Before the Astronaut starts operating, we help you prepare your farm for automatic milking. This includes, for example, a training course on how to operate the robot and the associated management system. It also includes advice on how to design the barn, and the feeding and well-being of the cows.


When the Astronaut is delivered, the robot is first extensively checked. Milking only starts once everything is correct, down to the last detail. During the initial milking and period following installation, we give you intensive support. Support is available 24/7, of course.


Even once everything is working perfectly, we continue to offer support and guidance. We’re always interested in knowing how happy you are and whether there are any improvements we could help with. We continually provide analysis and advice to ensure the best possible result.

Unequalled service

Questions about finance? We’d be glad to help and advise you.

Regardless of the date or time: you can rely on technical support 24/7.

When the barn equipment is working, we’re there for you to further optimise it.

Lely Used works well with

Lely Horizon

Making the right decisions based on the right information

Make the right decisions quickly to improve your company’s results based on real-time insights. The Lely Horizon management system takes data from your barns and converts it into usable information about company processes and cow health. This allows you to make adjustments when and where they are required.

Lely Astronaut

The natural way to milk

An increased milk yield and overviews whenever and wherever you want them: automatic milking makes it all possible. The milking system collects data per cow on milk production and cow health. This alerts you on time to any changes, allowing you to devote your attention to the cows that need it most.

Lely Vector

Automatic feeding is ready for you

Increase the efficiency and profitability of your feed strategy by feeding your cows more often. More frequent feeding stimulates frequent eating day and night, which means cows ingest more fodder. This has a positive impact on animal health, fertility and production, and also benefits your bottom line.

Why our maintenance?

A healthy dairy farm demands more than just healthy animals, the right choices and partners. It is also about the preconditions, such as the equipment and machines. That is why we offer technical support and the right tools to make the equipment durable for a long period of time.