We have some exciting news! We have revamped our Referral programme. With this Referral programme, we encourage you to recommend potential new employees for open vacancies within Lely. By referring new colleagues, you can also receive a nice reward!

What's in it for you?

If you find the right talent for Lely you can earn money. It's up to you!


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  • The referred candidate has not worked at Lely with an employment contract for at least one year.
  • The referred candidate has not applied for a job at Lely in the past six months.
  • If you refer a candidate who is invited for an interview, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and €100 gross. If the candidate actually starts at Lely, you will receive a reward of €1,000 gross.
  • Before the second interview between the referred candidate and Lely takes place, it must be clear which Lely employee, contractor or customer referred the candidate. If this is indicated later, the right to both the first and second reward will expire

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Here you can find the different processes to refer a colleague.

Tips & Tricks

Here you can find some tips and tricks on how you can start a conversation or check if someone within your network might be a good match for Lely.

Are you like: I don't feel like doing this at all. No problem, maybe in the future ;).

  • On the hockey field
    Tip 1
    You start a conversation with a father or mother from your daughter's team. By the way, this is not the first time you see each other, you always have a short chat. He tells you that he has had a tough week, he works as a marketer and things are not going well with the team he works in. You work as a marketing and communications employee at Lely in Maassluis and know that they are looking for a new marketing and communications employee. You believe he would be a valuable addition to the team. 'Shall I ask if one of our recruiters can call you to discuss the possibilities at Lely?' He naturally agrees. You ask for his phone number and email address and refer him or her via the referral website.
  • At a party
    Tip 2
    There you are at a party. You have told a very nice story about Lely and then it turns out that your cousin's girlfriend is a Technical Support Specialist! You know that Lely is looking for such a profile and she might be the right fit for Lely. How are you going to bring Lely and this friend together? You ask for her phone number and email address and refer her via the referral website.
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    Tip 3
    On LinkedIn you see a post of a former colleague in your timeline. You remember him as a super smart and fun guy! But then again, it's been 7 years since you last spoke. Is it crazy to send a message? Definitely not! In fact, people find it nice to get a message from an acquaintance. Keep it short and simple. Here are some examples - Hi Ronald, suddenly I saw you on LinkedIn. It's been 7 years since we worked together. I now work at Lely, nice to catch up sometime? - Hi Ronald, what a great time we had at company X. Been 7 years already, time flies! Would you like to hear about working at Lely? We are always looking for good people. Just let me know! Greetings. ​​
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    Tip 4
    You may also want to approach someone on LinkedIn that you don't know very well, this is possible too! Here is an example; Hi Ronald, we don't know each other. And you may not be waiting for a message from a stranger. Still, I hope you will read on. Lely is located throughout the Netherlands and is always looking for talent. It could just be that you are a good match for us. Would you like to talk further about our plans for Lely and whether this fits in with your personal ambitions? Then let's make an appointment.



  • What is Lely's referral programme?

    With Lely's "Make your network Legendairy" programme, you, as an employee, can refer candidates as potential colleagues at Lely. We are happy to reward you when you refer a colleague and when a new colleague starts working at Lely. When you refer someone and he/she is invited for an interview, you'll receive €100 gross and when they start, you'll receive a reward of €1,000 gross.

  • Why does Lely have a referral programme?

    We have many open vacancies. Referring a candidate by our own colleagues is the most effective, qualitative, and fast way of recruitment. Lely is proud of its employees; you know better than anyone who fits into our organization.

  • How does it work?

    Step 1: If you make the initial contact, you refer the potential candidate to the job opening. There, he/she can read about what it's like to work at Lely and what the role entails.
    Step 2: You fill in the contact details via the form, both yours and the potential candidate's. Of course, he/she must be aware that you are sharing this information.
    Step 3: Both of you receive an email confirming that all the details have been received correctly. 
    Step 4: Recruitment will contact your candidate within five working days to discuss whether there is a match. When a candidate is invited for an interview, you will receive €100 gross.
    Step 5: If the candidate you referred is hired at Lely, that's great news! You will receive a reward of €1,000 gross when the new colleagues starts the first working day at Lely.

  • Can all Lely employees participate?

    All employees can participate in Lely's "Make your network Legendairy" programme. However, there are a few exceptions regarding the payout of the reward. The Talent Acquisition Team, Hiringmanager, HRMT and Executive Board are excluded from participating in the programme. 

  • How do I refer a candidate for a job opening?

    You can indicate which job opening your candidate is interested in via the form on this page. Not sure if the candidate is a perfect fit? No problem. The recruitment department will have a conversation with the candidate to determine if there is a match.

  • Will I receive feedback about the candidate I referred?

    The recruiters monitor the entire process and have a confidentiality obligation from the moment the CV is reviewed by them. This means that no feedback can be provided about the interviews. Once it's clear whether your candidate will or will not start as our new colleague, you will receive an email from us with the outcome.

  • How often can you participate?

    You can participate as often as you like.

  • How long can my referred candidate remain in the process, and is it my referred candidate?

    The right to candidacy expires after 6 months. It may be that we don't have an immediate opening for your candidate, or your candidate may not be available on short term (1 to 2 months). In that case, we'll still stay in touch, but it might take a bit longer.

  • Can I only refer candidates through the referral form on the campaign page?

    Yes, that's correct. There are 3 reasons for this: it keeps the process clear for your candidate, for you as the referrer, and ensures that the reward goes to the right person.

  • How do I know if I'm making a match?

    We're not asking you to find the perfect match. That's what our professional HR department is for. What we do ask is to match on our cultural fit. Would you like to work with the candidate you referred? Do they fit into Lely's culture? If the answer is 'yes', you can send us the details via the form on this page.

  • What if the candidate is not suitable for Lely at all?

    That’s possible. Whatever the outcome, we're grateful to you. You've referred someone from your own network!

  • Can I work with the Lely recruiters to find suitable candidates within my network?

    Absolutely! We're happy to assist you. Send a message to

  • What if my referred candidate leaves the company?

    That can happen, and naturally, we're disappointed.

If your question isn't listed here, please contact us at