Farm Management Support Start-up

Are you in the process of purchasing an automatic milking system from us? We understand that such a transition brings many questions on your behalf. As many customers have made this transition, our experienced Lely Farm Management Support (FMS) advisors will accompany you along this journey. With our FMS Start-up service, we will guide you through a smooth transition in working with our solutions.

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How does it work?

Lely FMS has developed guidelines and protocols to help you in the transition towards automatic milking and/or feeding. In doing so, we collectively define your goals and set out the direction that fits your needs. In the period that follows, all relevant topics regarding the Start-up are addressed and trained at your convenience, resulting in a smooth transition into automatic milking or feeding. Rest assured, all is building to the moment you have the confidence to take ownership of your Lely milking or feeding solution.


  • Smooth transition towards automatic milking and/or feeding.
  • Dedicated FMS advisor who provides guidance and assistance.
  • Understanding the principles in operating your purchased solution.

Towards the end of this professional transition, you can discuss the possibilities to optimize your farm at your choice with the FMS advisor. This way, you can further tune your system to your preference.

The Service

FMS Start-up comes as standard with a purchase of a Lely Astronaut milking robot.

  • You (and your employees) are trained in working with our solution(s) and management software Horizon.
  • FMS Start-up starts 3 months before the 1st day of operation until 3 months after*.

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