Facts & Figures


2,000+ FTEs

More than two thousand employees work day in day out to make farmers’ lives easier.


6 production facilities

In our six production facilities, we bring together our product expertise to achieve the best result for our customers.


7 R&D departments

Our R&D departments play a key role in our capacity for innovation. We devote 6% of our revenue to product development.


2,550 current patents

Right now, we have 2,550 active patents protecting our inventions.


Customers in over 60 countries

Farmers in over sixty countries work daily with our solutions for use in the barn or on the field.


€ 502 mln.

In 2016 we achieved revenues of €502 million.

Ons bedrijf

Vision and mission

To help our customers all over the world make choices on how they set up and run their farm. To do so with advice and innovative solutions that contribute to efficient farm management.


We believe that sustainability is about treating people, animals and the environment responsibly. We want to hand over a better world to the next generation by developing sustainable products. For our customers, we want to be a trusted long-term partner.


Because of our belief in innovation we have already introduced a range of ground-breaking products to the market. These have changed the face of the agricultural sector. Only by thinking outside the realm of traditional ideas can we continue to support our customers in the choices they make to achieve their goals. Now and in the future.

Lely Ambassadors Club

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To work towards a sustainable, profitable and enjoyable future, and make life in the agricultural sector easier, we join forces with numerous organisations all over the world. Sustainability and innovation are fundamental criteria in our partnerships.


Since the foundation of our company in 1948 as a ‘studio for invention’, we have grown to become a market leader in automated systems for dairy farmers worldwide. A front-runner in the development of machines for forage harvesting and a pioneer of wind turbines on farms. Recognised and acknowledged as a leader in Dutch manufacturing.


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