Which udder care spray fits the best for your cows?

No matter what your udder health goals contains; focus on an improvement of the somatic cell count or the teat skin condition. Lely advisors can help in the total udder health approach on your farm. Together we work on reaching your set goal.

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Real stories

Who better to explain which udder care spray suits which situation best then our own farmers? Hear their story in these video's here below.

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Udder care sprays

The use of the right udder care spray can support in improving udder health on your farm. This increases the milk quality and contributes to a higher lifetime production of the cow. In combination with optimal natural resistance and good health, the cow can spend all her energy on producing milk. At Lely we are convinced that using an udder care product supports the health of your cows. We are happy to advise you in choosing the udder care product that best suits your farm situation.

Disinfecting ingredients

Lely opted for two active ingredients, lactic acid and iodine, to eliminate microorganisms. The disinfecting mechanism of lactic acid and iodine work in a different way. Lactic acid is a natural ingredient - also naturally present on the teat skin- and works by affecting the metabolism of bacteria and destabilizing the bacteria’s membrane. When used in the right formulation, lactic acid is non-irritating to the teat skin. Iodine (oxidizing) is a quick-acting ingredient. It is a more aggressive reaction that destroys the cell wall of bacteria or (mastitis) pathogens, therefore, it can be used as a corrective product. All Lely udder care products comply with the biocidal legislation, which means that they all achieve a minimal 5 log reduction within 5 minutes. Because each product emphasizes specific characteristics, you can choose a product that best fits the need of your herd.

The skin, a natural barrier

The skin is a natural barrier that protects against external intruders. Therefore, it is important to keep the skin in optimal condition. The teat skin condition is constantly threatened by; among other things, the milking process, environment (weather, bedding etc.) and by the action of the disinfecting ingredient. That is why good udder care products also have to be rich in skincare ingredients to protect and hydrate the skin tissue.

Integrated approach

Good udder health management is not just a matter of suitable udder care products, but part of an integrated approach. Other factors to keep in mind whilst maintaining good udder health are a clean environment, correct milk settings and teat liners, and a clean milking process. Lely offers complete solutions regarding udder health contributing to the complete approach to maintain a healthy udder. Contact your local advisor for suitable support.

Why our partnerships?

Every farmer in the world has to make decisions daily for their farm. Choices both for themselves and their business. But they do not need to do this on their own. They have the help of advisors to find the right solutions and steer their business in the right direction.

More and more of you are choosing Lely as a long-term partner. That is because every day our products and services allow you to take another step towards your desired results. We are by your side with the right people, who are skilled and highly trained.