Wednesday 24th January 2024

Drumlee Road, Finvoy, Co. Antrim, BT53 7LE | 11am - 3pm

Join us at Alistair and Dessie Taylor's, where you can discover how they milk and feed their herd of 250 crossbreds with a fully automated system, with the Lely Vector, 4 Astronaut A5’s and a Discovery Collector. This impressive set up is ran beside two broiler houses for MoyPark and a Bio-digester system. Hear from Genus ABS, Chestnutt Feeds, Riada Vets and Lely representatives on the day to discover how automation can benefit your farm. 

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About our farmer...

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Alistair and Dessie Taylor, based in Finvoy Co. Antrim, are currently milking 250 cows on four Astronaut A5's since January 2019. They installed the Lely Vector automatic feeding system in March 2021 currently feeding 4 different batches, divid into 2 batches of milking cows, dry cows and bulling heifers. The herd is currently averagine 10,400 litres at 4.5% butterfat and 3.5% protein.

Alongisde the dairy unit, Alistair and Dessie Taylor have two broiler houses for MoyPark and their own Bio-digester system. 

Since installation of the Vector, Alistair claims they had ''milk yield increase, cow visits to the robot increased and a labour saving with less feeding to do''. This labour saving is an impressive decrease of 14 hours per week to just 4 hours spent filling the kitchen, freeing up the four labour units working on farm. 

Alistair emphasises how; "since installing the Vector, we can run the farm with one less person at the weekends. It frees up more family time," highlighting the transformative impact of Lely's Vector on operational efficiency and quality of life for his family. 

Notably, Alistair points out the increased productivity of his cows since introducing the Vector, "We noticed an increase of 1.5 liters straight away, with more frequent pushing up and more frequent feeding, it feeds each group seven times per day''. 


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Lely Astronaut

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An increased milk yield and overviews whenever you want them: automatic milking makes it all possible. Its collects data per cow on milk production and cow health. This alerts you on time to any changes, allowing you to devote your attention to the cows that need it most.

Lely Vector

Automatic feeding is now affordable

We are extremely proud to be recognised as the market leader in manufacturing of automatic feeding systems. Ten years ago, we installed the first Vector feeding system. Since then we have matured the system and made sure that our customers are satisfied with its performance.

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We offer sales and service of robotic milking, feeding and barn equipment. We provide a tailor made solution including in house barn design, personalised robot specification, 24/7 service and back up as well as Farm Management Support for Northern Ireland and Co Donegal. 

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