The Lely Astronaut A5 is the new milestone in milking. It's an evolution that incorporates everything we have learnt over the past 25 years since we invented automatic milking. We looked at our cows, we listened to our customers and we stuck to proven practices, but we also completely redesigned every bit of the system.

The combination of the proven automatic milking principles and our focus on reliability, as well as ease of use and cost efficiency, has resulted in the most cow and farm friendly milking system. From cleaning and treating udders, milk quality controls, milk transport, cooling and the robot cleaning system: everything is designed to guarantee good-quality milk.

Imagine the satisfaction that comes from freeing up your time to manage cows individually and being able to spend less time reacting and more time being proactive. Passions, interests and goals are different for everyone so think about yours. Let them drive you to open your mind to the possibilities and solutions that are out there – and towards change.

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Designed to suit the needs of your cows and farm - click on the below to talk to a representative of your local Lely Center to find out more about the Lely Astronaut and how it can help you achieve your farming goals.

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Competition details and prizes

We've got a number of prizes up for grabs for three lucky winners! All winners will be selected at random on 8th November 2021 and will win one of the following prizes: 

  • First prize: A free trip for two people to a Lely robotic farm within UK & Ireland
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Build your own Lely Astronaut

Where are you at today and where do you want to go? We invite you to examine your ambitions and goals. How does your dairy farm perform at its best? The Astronaut can be put together according to individual wishes and goals.

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Add precision to reproduction

Repro choice

To be in control of your farm, you rely on reproduction. Get an extra set of eyes to get your cows pregnant. Add accuracy to reproduction and you will be able to see the cows in heat and inseminate them at the right moment. It will boost your conception rate and will save you lots of time.

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Know your cows

Cow health choice

Taking care of your most valuable possession: your cows. Healthy cows save costs, time and drive milk production. Get more control on cow health and make the right decisions with advanced sensors and easy to use information. This will secure your revenues.

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Secure udder health

Udder control choice

Good quality milk comes from a healthy udder. Get clear insights about udder health and understand when to take action. Have bacteria eliminated and cross contamination avoided before each milking. Get a grip on your udder health and reduce your costs.

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Operate on feed efficiency

Feed choice

Feed is one of the main expenses on a dairy farm. Therefore, feed each cow to its actual needs and operate on feed efficiency. Get the possibility to feed more advanced rations even in combination with liquid feed.

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Support your grazing strategy

Grazing choice

Grazing is the most natural way the cows get fed. Grazing positively impacts cow welfare and health. Get healthy happy cows out in the field while having full control of your milk production

Hoof Health

Improve hoof health

Hoof health choice

Good hoof health is important to the well-being of cows and dairy farms. In order to be able to move freely, the cow must have healthy hooves. With healthy hooves she can do as she pleases in the barn or in the field: rest, feed, drink or visit the milking robot.

Support at every step of the way

Always the right advice


Before the Astronaut comes into operation, we help you prepare your farm for automatic milking. This includes, for example, a training course on how to operate the robot and the associated management system. It also includes advice on how to design the barn, feeding and well-being of the cows.


Before the Astronaut comes into operation, we help you prepare your farm for automatic milking. This includes, for example, a training course on how to operate the robot and the associated management system. It also includes advice on how to design the barn, feeding and well-being of the cows.


Even once everything is working perfectly, we continue to offer support and guidance. Of course, we are always interested in knowing how happy you are and whether there are any improvements we could help with. We continually provide analysis and advice to ensure the best possible result.

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