We believe that automated milking systems have numerous advantages over traditional parlours from the improved welfare of your herd to better efficiency as well as a host of practical benefits.

The Lely Astronaut A5 is the new milestone in automatic milking. It's an evolution that incorporates everything we have learnt over the past 25 years since we invented automatic milking. We looked at our cows, we listened to our customers and we stuck to proven practices, but we also completely redesigned every part of the system.

Advantages of our Lely automatic milking system


Connect and collect data

Get insights and information on all your cows in a few quick clicks on the mobile or desktop


Lower total cost of ownership

It is built with a limited number of fast and decisive electrical movements, making it highly energy efficient

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24/7 support

Regardless of the time, day or night, you can rely on your local Lely Center's 24/7 technical support

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Herd management support

Our advisors help you understand your Lely robots and how to optimise your herd to the fullest extent

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Cow comfort

Your cows decide themselves when to eat, drink, relax or be milked


Increased roughage intake

Possibility to feed more advanced rations even in combination with liquid feed


Better udder health

Get clear insights about udder health and understand when to take action. 


More milk per cow

See an increase in your milk yields. High-quality milk in the tank is what every dairy farm aims for

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Listen to our podcasts on the Lely Astronaut

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Lely Astronaut automatic milking system

In this episode we talk about the Lely Astronaut where you can find out more about how it contributes to improved welfare of your herd to better efficiency as well as a host of practical benefits.

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Implementing a grazing with the Lely Astronaut

In this episode we talk you through grazing with the Lely Astronaut. We highlight key points such as the controlled freedom of choice and how you can gain efficiencies through control.

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Customer Testimonial - Bex Heywood

10 years ago, the Heywood’s installed a Lely Astronaut A3 Next milking robot along with the Grazeway system allowing their herd the choice of when to be milked and when to graze outside.

Grazing with Lely Astronaut

Controlled freedom of choice

With the right strategy, grazing can be perfectly combined with automatic milking. The Lely Grazeway selection box is an essential tool for this. Cows choose for themselves whether and when they want to go out to pasture. The Grazeway then determines whether or not they can, using the Lely Qwes cow-recognition system.

User friendly for humans and cows

The Grazeway offers outstanding user friendliness for you and stress-free selection for your cows. The selection box works with the same management system as the Lely Astronaut. In addition, the double-gate system is the same as the gate on the milking robot. You can also use the Grazeway for separating cows for treatment.

Efficiency through control

Through the link with the management platform Lely Horizon, you have total control over each individual cow’s grazing. The Horizon settings make the Grazeway an exceptionally flexible tool. By linking the selection box to your cows’ milk yield data, you can manage feeding and grazing much more efficiently.

Lely Horizon - setting new standards

Discover a brand new farm management application - Lely Horizon, which elevates your data to forecast performances and offers you clear choices to optimise your farm, ways to work more efficiently and reach your goals towards a healthier herd.

User friendly

Lely Horizon has a user-friendly and intuitive interface. The menu is in the right order, simple to understand and easy to work with. It provides the most relevant information on your different devices.

Task based learning

With Lely Horizon, you can fully customise your daily routines into clear and easy to follow tasks and have the relevant information available whenever you need it. Optimise your workflow now.

Connect and collect

Lely Horizon will soon collect and connect data from and between most Lely devices, farming partners and suppliers, your herd and your input. In this platform, the cow and farmer are central. Horizon interprets the data and turns it into useable actions, tasks, alerts and reports.

Decision support

Let the data do the work; there’s no need for extensive analysis. You only need to make your decisions based on one single source of truth. Lely Horizon helps you by combining data and providing insights to further optimise your farm.