Importance of a clean barn floor

Regular cleaning of the floor inhibits the growth of bacteria and keeps feet, udders and tails cleaner. This not only increases foot health, it contributes to the overall productivity of your herd. By using the very latest technology, the barn floor can be kept clean automatically. The fully automated Lely Discovery manure robots clean your barn floor day and night.

Udder health

Mastitis is a common udder health issue caused by bacteria that penetrate the udder and subsequently cause an infection. Good hygiene is particularly important to inhibit the growth of bacteria. A clean floor keeps cows from bringing manure into the cubicles. Tails as well as udders remain cleaner.


Cows are more comfortable to express their natural behaviour when their feet are healthy and the floor is not slippery. This makes it easier for you to detect cows that are in heat, allowing you to reduce the calving interval.

Healthy feet prevent costs and losses

Research from Cornell University has shown that 20% of cows on an average dairy farm suffer reduced locomotion, with losses estimated between €250 and €380 per cow. As a result, foot health issues are among the top three costliest dairy cattle diseases along with mastitis and reduced fertility.

Foot health

Healthy feet are important for a cow to be able to move freely and do as she pleases: rest, eat, drink or go for milking. Many dairy farmers underestimate the prevalence of foot health issues in their cows. Research shows that dairy farmers spot only 25% of infectious foot disorders among their herd (Jessica Fabian, 2012). This is one of the reasons that inadequate measures are taken.

Farmers across the world have been realising the many benefits of handing over routine tasks to Lely farm robots, not least the Discovery which tackles perhaps one of the most arduous and least appealing tasks. CLICK HERE to read six things you may not know about our clever yard-scraping robot.

Grant Scheme

Farming Investment Fund is now available

Farming Equipment and Technology Fund (FETF) Round 1 has been launched by the Government and is available to farmers to invest in robotic equipment and technology to help transform your business. This grant scheme applies to the Lely Discovery 90 S/SW and the Lely Discovery 20 Collector. The grant scheme is open until the midday of 7th January 2022 so ensure you get your applications completed today!

To find out more about the grant scheme visit:

This grant only applies to farmers based in England. Please contact your local Lely Center for more information.

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The Discovery range

Lely Discovery 90 S/SW

Improved cow health thanks to excellent barn hygiene

A clean floor prevents hoof problems and keeps tails and udders clean. The Lely Discovery relieves you of your daily manure-scraping routine. It operates at times of your choosing and follows a route that you select. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, all year round.

Lely Discovery 120 Collector

A revolutionary manure robot for dense barn floors

The Discovery Collector is specifically designed for barns with solid floors and takes a revolutionary diverse approach when compared to traditional manure scrapers. The Collector does not push manure, but vacuums it. This makes the build-up of manure – in which cows stand – a thing of the past.

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The Luna cow brush is designed to pamper and take care for your cows. Brushing not only improves blood circulation but also cleans any dust or dirt from the skin. More importantly brushing is relaxing for the cows and they can happily choose when they want to be brushed throughout the day.

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