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We are extremely proud to be recognised as the market leader in manufacturing of automatic feeding systems. Ten years ago, we installed the first Vector feeding system. Since then through our continuous effort on hardware and software improvements we have matured the system and made sure that our customers are satisfied with its performance. At the beginning of March 2021 Lely produced the 1000th Vector feeding system.

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Expert opinions about the Lely Vector System

Ciaran Conway new.jpg

Ciaran Conway

Nutritionist, Devenish Nutrition

"Lely Vector System is a dream to work with for a nutritionist because not only you have control over your inputs but you are getting reports on exactly what were the animals fed on a given day."

Hefin Richards of Rumenation

Hefin Richards

Rumenation Consultant, Profeed Nutrition

"With a Lely Vector we get huge amount of information as nutritionists and information, as we say is to measure and to manage and if you are not measuring you are not managing."

Willy Tulley, Evidence Group

Will Tulley

Veterinarian Consultant, Evidence Group

"The thing I have seen is that having a Vector System is really taking the pressure off the family on farm."

The Lely Vector performs well with grazing and zero grazing systems
in beef and dairy farms

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Our customers named the top reasons for purchasing a Lely Vector system

Accuracy and consistency of feeding

Availability and costs of labour

Data available in Horizon software which comes with the Vector

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