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More frequent feeding

Frequent feeding encourages more forage intake this would lead to better animal health and hopefully to increased fertility and production. Eating several meals a day keeps the pH value of the rumen more stable, thus allowing cows to utilize the ration that they eat. Dairy cows become more active with regular feeding which encourages more visits to the milking robots resulting in increased performance.

Insight into profits

The Lely Vector provides more understanding into the efficiency and profitability of your feeding strategy. Lely Horizon, our management platform highlights all feed intakes per cow and per group. You can measure the effects of changes to rations by linking the system to the Lely Astronaut. This allows you to gain an insight into whether the cost of a change produces not only a higher yield but also a higher return.

Always fresh feed at the feed fence

Automatic feeding aligns with precision farming. you can determine exactly the right ingredients needed to feed each group of animals, including beef cattle. When precision feeding is carried out this has a positive influence on feed efficiency, and the development and production of your animals. 

Automatic feeding

Automatic feeding means that cows are fed with precision. You can define exactly the right ingredients needed to feed each group of animals, including beef cattle. This has a positive influence on feed efficiency, and the development and production of your animals.

What our customers have to say

Old Green Farm.jpg

"...With the labour savings and extra milk we've got from these turned into a no brainer."

Mike King
Old Green Farm, North Bristol

"...The great thing about the system is that you can be so focused on what is being fed exactly to the kilo."

Anthony Oakes
Stublach Farm, Cheshire

Meeting your cows individual needs



Heifers are the future of the dairy herd. With accurate and regular feeding, animals achieve their target weight for insemination earlier resulting in them calving healthier and able to achieve targeted milk production figures.


Lactating cows

Lactating cows benefit from a tailor-made rations, as it gives them the right nutrients and maximizes dry matter intake to stimulate milk production and encourage a better health status of the herd. 

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Dry cows

The dry cow period is a crucial time to determinate the next lactation. Accurate and consistent feeding during this period ensures a healthy, successful and profitable lactation.


Beef cattle

Beef cattle also benefits from automatic feeding. With regular feeding, animals are more content, have less stress which can result in better growth rates. 

5 steps to get the Lely Vector setup on your farm

Step 1: First Lely visit
Step 2: Farm site survey
Step 3: Kitchen capacity calculation
Step 4: Project proposal
Step 5: Installation and support

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Lely Vector Testimonial with Gem and Mike King, North Bristol, England

"Everything is a lot more flexible. I can feed the cows whenever i want to. I can do things when convenient. I spend more time managing the cows rather than doing the physical jobs behind them."

"I reckon we're 1.8 to 2 litres a cow a day better off...(the cows are) getting fresh feed more often and timid cows get more chance to get fresh feed as it's going in 10 to 12 times a day."

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