Guaranteed quality and performance

Our consumables and wear part products have a new look but still guarantee the same quality and performance . The packaging has been designed to give you clear information on the products and highlight how to safely work with chemicals by the colour-coding.

New look packaging

See what our customers have to say...

Mac Findlay, Penrith, Cumbria, 120 cow herd
"When we need to order more consumables from Lely Center Longtown, we’re able to pop in a mix and match order of different products and container sizes; the order is easy to handle and works really well for us.
Since we switched on our two A5s six months ago we’ve noticed Bactoscan is consistently staying between 14 and 25 and that’s a big, big plus for us; it gives us real confidence in Lely cleaning consumables and saving us from a penalty. When we milked through the parlour we were always struggling to get below Bactoscan 30, and nowadays our milk buyer penalises all milk over 30."
Niall Wilson, Enniskillen, County Tyrone, 110 cow herd
"I’ve used the full range of Lely consumables since we introduced two Astronauts seven years ago. While I’ve never used any other products for comparison purposes, Lely’s seem to do the job both cleaning the system and maintaining udder health - we’re down to one or two mastitis cases per month. And while they maybe a bit more expensive, I don’t mind paying that bit extra. I like to keep problems to a minimum, as well as maintaining sanity and peace of mind.
Overall, Lely consumables are helping towards us fulfilling our milk contract, keeping in the top band and achieving an extra 1ppl - to us that’s worth £12,000 a year. To be eligible for the premium, we have to maintain SCC under 150 and Bactoscan less than 10."
Jack Dakin, Matlock, Derbyshire, 104 cow herd
"Before we introduced the Meteor along with two A5s, we used to run the cows through a standard plastic footbath with a formalin product two to three times a week. Initially the Meteor was programmed for the first two weeks to wash every cow’s feet every day with 0.1% Lely Meteor Wash spray, and immediately after milking, disinfect with approximately 5%-15% Lely Meteor Care spray. After two weeks, we rescheduled the routine to every other day
Six weeks after installation and our foot trimmer noted the number of cows needing trimming for digital dermatitis and other issues, and requiring blocks and bandages reduced by at least 60%. Furthermore, we’re using far less product. We used to use eight litres of chemical every week, whereas nowadays we’re using the same amount of Lely product in one month. Overall, with the results we’re achieving, the Meteor should pay for itself within two years."

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Colour-coding explained

To clarify product distinction and identification, Lely’s consumables are colour-coded. There is always a combination of the cap, jerry can and packaging. We advise that you always check the combination of these indicators to make sure you have the right product. 

These colour-codes (see chart below) have also been implemented in the Central Unit of the Lely Astronaut automatic milking robot. Connect red to red, blue to blue and green to green. Products that are not intended to be used in the automatic milking robot, such as the tank cleaning products, always have a two-tone color-coding.

Please note, this is the Lely way of working and will allow you to differentiate from non-Lely products. The colour-coding does not release you from the obligation to always check labels before application - please see our safety tips section below for more details.


Useful links

Farm management support

Our Farm Management Support team has a single goal: optimising our barn concept at your farm, at your choice. Regardless of whether you are just about to make the transition to automatic milking and/or feeding, or you have been using our products and management systems on your farm for a while, you receive guidance before, during and after you start.

Herd health

A healthy herd of animals contributes to a healthy business. In this way dairy farmers can focus on a sustainable, profitable and enjoyable future. A healthy cow is stress-free, has enough space and can behave naturally. In order to stimulate natural behaviour, it is important that she is in charge of when she eats, drinks, rests or gets milked. To find out more click on the below.

Consumables you can rely on

Alongside its well-known ranges of farm automation products, Lely offers a large portfolio of consumables products. Click below to read a blog which introduces you to Lely Atlantic’s Aftermarket Manager Thomas Nugent who tells us more about the consumables range and why they deserve a place in every Lely farm’s budget.

Safe storage and handling

Safe storage

Safe storage is in a place where this is allowed and possible.

Think of a separated and dark environment with escape routes, constant temperature and ventilation. It is important that there is a clear, visible identification and fixed allocation of the product. So that you, but also your employees, never miss out. Use spill pallets and chemical cabinets for the products intended for this and add Lely chemical charts with safety instructions. In addition, make sure that all aids are present, such as an eyewash, personal protection equipment, first aid facilities, fire extinguishing facilities and safety data sheets. Please comply with the national regulations and guidelines for storing chemicals.

Safe handling

When working with chemicals it is important to protect yourself and your environment.

Think of personal protection equipment such as wearing gloves and safety glasses or a face shield. Don’t be rushed and ensure a clean and organized work environment. Make sure you know what you are doing, you are familiar with the products and that you know how you can work with them safely. Please read the Safety Data Sheet in order to comply with the national Health & Safety legislation that applies to workplaces.

In addition

When working with chemicals it is important to protect yourself and your environment. See below some safety tips to consider when working with any chemicals. 

1) Do not mix products
2) Always store and use products in the original packaging
3) Always check the combination of the colour-coding, product name and packaging
4) Always check local laws and regulations
5) Always close the product when you move it
6) Inform your employees in such a way that they are also able to work safely
7) Ensure that all aids are sufficiently available.
8) A closed space ensures that uninvited cannot access. Think of children, pets and third parties.
9) Communicate clearly the guidelines to anyone who may come into contact with the chemicals. Knowledge is power.

An accident can always happen, do not take any risks!