All dairy farms are different. Their daily challenges, the goals set for the farmer’s and the farm’s future. However, there’s one thing they all have in common: there needs to be milk in the tank preferably at a low cost.

The Lely Astronaut A5 is built to realize a significant lower cost per kilogram of milk produced. Thanks to smart, state of the art technique and the unique hybrid robot arm it helps you to produce high-quality milk at a low cost price.

Reduced energy consumption

Based on our customers’ feedback we improved and redesigned important parts and processes. The new hybrid arm is one such part. The robot arm uses the power of air without any air consumption. And yet it gets as close to the udder as possible for easy and stress-free milking.

The unique hybrid arm in combination with lowering the detergent and water consumption realized a reduction of energy use of up to 20%.

Reduced service costs

Maximum lifespan and minimum service and maintenance costs also contribute to lowering costs per kg/milk. Therefore we limited the number of fast and decisive electrical movements.

Milking with the Astronaut A5 means milking with a milking system that is built with high quality parts for maximum uptime and lifespan. This will bring down the service and maintenance cost and - in the end - the cost per kilo/milk.

Additionally the new spacious and smart design of the robot’s central unit will allow the service technician to carry out the maintenance quickly and securely if necessary.

Along with improved efficiency, this highly reliable maintenance-friendly design helps achieving a higher return on investment and a shorter payback time.


Producing high-quality milk requires time and care. It requires healthy and happy cows. It requires making the right choices. Choices that fit in with you and your goals. Our solutions for automatic milking help you make the right decisions for attaining these goals.