As an international family business in the agricultural sector, we spend every day making farmers’ lives easier with innovative solutions and tailored services. We offer solutions for almost all activities in the cowshed: from milking to cleaning. We provide advice on how to organise a dairy farm smartly with the use of management systems. Our vision and the needs and demands of our clients are the things that drive and inspire us.

Our Lely robots are trusted to support over 900 farms across the United Kingdom and Ireland. See below just some examples of how we are working alongside our customers in order to create a sustainable, profitable and enjoyable future in the agricultural sector.

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Blyth Farm, Peeblesshire, Scotland 10 x Lely Astronaut Automatic Milking System

‘Colin Laird of Blythbridge Holsteins reviews the first 18 months of his Lely journey. Since installing 8 Astronaut A5 milking robots in his new shed in 2019, milk yields have increased by 17% and labour requirements have reduced. As of 2021, two further milking robots have been retrofitted in his existing building.’

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Coopon Carse Farm, Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland 7 x Lely Astronaut Automatic Milking System

‘Alex Robertson from the Coopon Carse farm, Scotland explains how installing 7 Lely Astronauts automatic milking robots have provided a numerous benefits including an increase in milk yield, reduced labour costs and find out more about the efficiencies the robots have given the farm.’

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Longshaw Farm, Staffordshire, England 1 x Lely Discover Collector

‘Jeremy Clark from Longshaw Farm in Staffordshire, explains how the Lely Discovery Collector has provided efficiencies in the parlour and a cleaner barn, allowing him to focus on spending more time on skilled jobs in and around the farm.’

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Hornshayne Farm, Devon, England 1 x Lely Juno

‘Andrew Hurford a third generation dairy farmer from the Hornshayne Farm in Devon. He explains the advantages of the Lely Juno, and how it has taken over the repetitive work of pushing the feed to the fence through out the day.’

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Shawsmuir Farm, Dumfriesshire, Scotland 4 x Lely Astronaut, Lely Collector and Lely Juno

‘Craig Sloan from Shawsmuir Farm in Dumfriesshire which is in the South West of Scotland. Craig is a fifth-generation farmer, and on the farm they are milking 242 cows on 4 x Lely A4 Astronauts. They also have Lely Collectors and a Lely Juno.’

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Old Green Farm, North Bristol, England 2 x Lely Astronaut and 1 x Lely Vector

‘Gem and Mike King from Old Green Farm are milking their 110 cows on 2 x Lely Astronaut milking robots and are fed by a the Lely Vector system. Watch how the automatic milking and automatic feeding systems have made their farm more efficient. You'll hear what has happened to milk yield, heard health and how robots have helped strike a balance between work and home life.’

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Hillhead Farm, Scotland 6 x Lely Astronaut, Lely Horizon

‘Willie Fleming from Hillhead Farm in Scotland is milking 320 cows with 6 Lely A5 Astronauts. He explains how he has been using the Lely Horizon and is impressed with with information and data he now receives on each cow. Watch how he explains how Lely Horizon allows him to set up customised dashboards, key reports and how the use of technology has helped him gain efficiencies on his farm.’

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O'Connor's Farm, Killeagh, Co. Cork, Ireland 1 x Lely Astronaut Automatic Milking System

‘Kevin and Winnie O’Connor farm a 70-cow dairy herd outside Killeagh in Co. Cork and made the successful transition from their traditional 6-unit herringbone milking parlour to a modern robotic milking system.’

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Eoin Lyons, Offaly, Ireland 2 x Lely Astronaut Automatic Milking System

‘Eoin Lyons is a dairy farm in Offaly, Ireland. He is milking his 125 herd with 2 x Lely Astronaut automatic milking robots since 2013. Watch how his cows and family have successfully adapted to automatic milking on a grazing system 300 days a year. Find out how the milking robot has helped him understand his cows better and the efficiencies to his farm.’

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John Horan, Co. Tipperary, Ireland 3 x Lely Astronaut Automatic Milking System

‘John Horan milks 200 cows alongside his wife Carmel and son Shane in Co. Tipperary, Ireland, They replaced their milking parlour in 2017 and are successfully grazing with 3 Lely Astronaut A4 on 240 acres. Watch this video to find out how automation has changed their way of farming.’

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