At the Lely Center Holsworthy,  farming Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Our focus is to deliver the most cost effective and efficient solutions for our customer's in order to increase their productivity and profitability. 

Below are some of the ways in which we have helped or customers. CLICK HERE to find out how we can help you achieve your farming goals.

Lely Astronaut

David & Sarah Eva : Tregarrick Farm in Cornwall.

3 x Lely A5 robots 2 x Discovery Collectors 1 x Juno

David and Sarah Eva, who farm near Helston in Cornwall, have 4 young children aged 9, 7, 5 and 3 so the decision to automate was an easy one as it provided them with the promise of more flexibility and family time! 12 months on and the difference installing robots has made to the family is tangible, with David confirming that robots “were definitely the right decision for us as a family. I could never relax before; I was always clock watching and half my mind was on the fact that I needed to get back to the farm for evening milking. Life is more relaxed now”.

Andrew & Di Heard farm in North Devon

3 x Lely A5 robots

Andrew & Di Heard farm a 174-cow dairy herd near Barnstaple in North Devon and made the successful transition from a 20-year-old milking parlour to a modern 3-robot Lely Astronaut milking system in 2022.

Denny, Brenda, Steve & Lucie Hooper: Okehampton, Devon

2 Astronaut A3 milking robots

There are double celebrations on Denny, Brenda, Steve & Lucie Hooper’s farm near Okehampton, Devon this spring as one of their two Lely A3 robots surpassed the 10 million kg milk milestone and one of their cows, 16-year-old “Inwardleigh Cougar Daisy Lin 3”, has just had her 12th calf and produced over 138,000 kg of milk.

Russell Hayman: Honiton, Devon

3 Astronaut milking robots, 1 Grazeway

Russell Hayman farms a 180-cow dairy herd outside Honiton in Devon and made the successful transition from a traditional herringbone milking parlour to a modern 3-robot Lely milking system in 2018

James Seabridge: North Tawton, Devon

2 second-hand A4 Astronaut milking robots

“I’ve been milking cows since I left school at 16. Dairy farming can really wear you down with its life sentence of twice a day milking, but this robotic system has taken the daily grind out of the work and renewed my love of farming."

Paul & Tom Westaway: Devon

3 Astronaut A3 milking robots

Congratulations to Paul Westaway who has just seen the 2nd of his three Lely Astronaut A3 robots surpass the 10 million kg milk milestone.

Janice & Phil Kitto: Looe, Cornwall

3 Astronaut milking robots

With a £1000 a month reduction in labour costs, the robots using less electricity, a £1300 feed reduction and the increase in milk yield, the robots are more than paying for themselves.

Paul & Tom Westaway: Devon

3 Astronaut A3 milking robots

Robot longevity key to 10 million kg milk milestone. Looking after your robots and having a great team of engineers at Lely Center Devon & Cornwall on hand to help is the secret to Paul Westaway’s incredible robot milestone.

Ed and Merry George, North Devon

3 Astronaut A5 milking robots

Supportive, knowledgeable, and patient Lely Center staff made the transition from parlour to robotic milking a smooth one for farmers Ed and Merry George. near Buckland Brewer in North Devon.

Dave Butland : Cuxton Farm, near Tavistock, Devon

1 x A4 robot

Dave Butland has a 70-cow dairy, young stock and beef rearing unit based at Cuxton Farm, near Tavistock in Devon. Dave milks a 3-way cross of Brown Swiss / Holstein / Montbéliarde and has one Lely A4 robotic milking system which he installed in 2011.

Dave Waterman, • Weeke Farm, nr Tiverton, Devon

2 x A4 robot, 1 x A5 robot, 1 x Juno, 1 x Discovery, 1 x Collector, 2 x Luna

“When we talk about labour savings, what we really mean is the flexibility automating tasks has brought to our days.”

Ben Grylls; Cornwall

2 x Lely A4 Astronaut robots

Ben Grylls farm 140- dairy cow herd in Cornwall averaging at 9200 litres per cow each year. They are currently being milked through Lely A4 Astronauts averaging 3.2 robot visits per cow per day.

Annemarie & Joost Spierings; Cornwall

3 x Lely A3 Astronauts

Joost and Annemarie Spierings were so keen to achieve their dairy farming dream that they left their Dutch homeland, bought a Cornish farm, and have since installed milking robots with the view to protecting their business into the future.

Lely Discovery

Paul White: Kingston, South Devon

1 Discovery 120 Collector

Paul is now saving two bales worth of sawdust each day due to cleaner cows requiring fewer bedding changes. This is saving him £8.60 a day which over a 6-month housing period in the winter will be a saving of £1500 in bedding alone. The Collector will have paid for itself within 3- or 4-years Paul predicts as it is also saving 1.5 hours in paid labour, tractor depreciation and fuel costs

Charlie Trivett: Axminster, Devon

1 Discovery 120 Collector

Charlie Trivett, Herdsman at Castlewood Farm near Axminster, works with a 100-cow dairy herd and has seen a difference in the calmness of his cows since purchasing the Lely Discovery 120 Collector, as well as a significant reduction in manual labour hours and costs.

Chris Quance: Holsworthy, Devon

1 Discovery 120 Collector

Chris Quance says he took a punt on a Discovery 120 Collector. “I’d only seen the robot in operation for 10 minutes before I took the plunge to invest. Eight months on and it’s definitely one of the bits of kit I now wouldn’t want to be without. In fact, it’s scheduled to pay for itself within three years.

Jeff Harris: Crediton, Devon

1 Discovery 120 Collector

There has been a noticeable reduction in digital dermatitis throughout the herd since installing the Lely Collector robot says Jeff Harris, and he is seeing cleaner cows in general and with udders being so much cleaner, milking times in his parlour have reduced as he is not needing to clean the cows so thoroughly pre milking.

Lely Juno

Matthew Rowe: Cornwall

1 Lely Juno

Matthew Rowe says that the Juno feed pusher is an invaluable piece of kit in his new barn, noticeably reducing food wastage as well as easing competition at the feed fence.

Beef Farmers Bryan & Andrew Olde: Devon

1 Lely Juno

Daily intake has increased by 6.5kg a day and the Olde’s predict that this will not only result in them being able to sell cattle up to 30 days quicker and saving around £40 per head, but this will also see an annual increase in stock throughput.

Multi Products

Richard & James Voysey: Colcombe Abbey Farm, Devon

2 Astronaut milking robots, 1 Grazeway

It is important to us to see our cows outside grazing and displaying their natural behaviours. The Lely Grazeway has given us the flexibility to combine robotic milking on two Lely Astronaut A5 robots with grazing for six months of the year. Whilst outside grazing, the herd is averaging up to 34 litres from 2.5 milkings per day; pre-robots we would average around 25 litres.

Fred Harvey: Lanivet, Cornwall

2 Astronaut milking robots, 1 Juno, 1 Grazeway

15 years ago, the Harvey family took the plunge and invested in two A3 milking robots. With changes needing to be made to the farm to secure its future, Fred made the decision that robots were the way forward and fifteen years on they have also added the Juno automatic feeder and the Grazeway system to their barns.

Simon, Linda & Bex Heywood: Croyde, Devon

1 Astronaut milking robot, 1 Grazeway

We have noticed that visitors to the farm expect to see our cows outside grazing; our organic herd use the Grazeway to decide when they want to go outside, and they come back inside to the Astronaut to be milked. They really are ‘free range’ cows.

Simon and Alison Ward: Wadebridge, Cornwall

2 Astronaut milking robots, 1 Juno, 1 Discovery 90 SW

Investing in two Lely Astronaut A5 robotic milking systems and a Juno feed pusher has helped us to increase yield, improve herd health and welfare, and for us, have a life,” says Simon who together with his wife, Alison and son, Ben milk a high output 315 commercial cow commercial herd near Wadebridge, Cornwall.

Chris Cory: Hartland, North Devon

2 Astronaut milking robots, 1 Discovery 120 Collector

Installing robots stopped me selling the herd and kept me in dairy farming” says Chris Cory about his two A5 milking robots. “After milking in a parlour for almost 40 years, I was ready to sell up, but the robots have made such a difference that I am continuing to farm and my children now have a future in dairy farming.

Chuck and Michele Baulch: Okehampton, Devon

3 Astronaut milking robots, 1 Juno, 1 Discovery 90 SW

Robotic systems help to solve labour issues, improve overall enterprise efficiency and for us introduce that element of flexibility. We are setting our sights on continuing to build cow numbers to 350 in order to develop a robust business for the next generation; we’ve four children aged between 22 and 13 years of age, and 20-year-old Alex is already back working on the farm.

Phil Kitto: Looe, Cornwall

3 Astronaut milking robots, 1 Grazeway

Exploiting the A5 milking robot’s exit gate potential has provided the Kitto family with the opportunity to combine robotic milking with grazing a portion of their 185-cow pedigree Holstein herd for up to six months of the year, and in turn pre-empt their processors’ requirements.

Gareth Tape: Bideford, Devon

2 Astronaut milking robots, 1 Juno, 1 Discovery 90 SW

Investing in the Discovery 90 SW automated slurry scraper is one more tool contributing towards improving herd efficiency, says Gareth Tape who manages the 110 Hardisworthy pedigree cow Holstein herd with his father, Les, near Bideford, Devon. The robot has also introduced significant cost savings resulting in payback within approximately two years.