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Your automated milking and feeding experts

Lely Center Midlands strive to give our customers the best service, offering the latest innovations and solutions to farmers.

We have been based out of our Stafford depot for over 10 years with hubs in SW Wales, Cheshire and Nottinghamshire.  We’ve evolved over that time to provide a full sales to service package including project coordination and aftersales support. Our aim is to work with farmers to help them increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their farm from a productivity and financial prospective.


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We are closed on all bank holidays.

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Your automated milking and feeding experts

Lely Center Midlands strive to give our customers the best service, offering the latest innovations and solutions to farmers.

We have been based out of our Stafford depot for over 10 years with hubs in SW Wales, Cheshire and Nottinghamshire.  We’ve evolved over that time to provide a full sales to service package including project coordination and aftersales support. Our aim is to work with farmers to help them increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their farm from a productivity and financial prospective.

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"Our aim is to work with farmers to help them increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their farm from a productivity and financial prospective."

Our team consists of 13 dedicated engineers who specialise in all Lely products from Astronauts to Vectors.  Within the team of engineers we have several who have been with us for over 10 years.  The engineers are located throughout our area thus ensuring fast and efficient service and back up 365 days a year, with multiple engineers on-call 24/7.  Together with our sales support, in house barn design expert and farm management support team we offer a complete and on-going partnership to assist our robot farmers in achieving the best possible results from their Lely products.

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Our People

Our team is staffed with customer experience and industry specialists who understand your aims, goals and the area. We are committed to providing you with reliable and professional support. Find out how our team can support you today!

Sales Team

Our Sales Team are passionate about dairy farming and farming automation. They've got the knowledge, expertise and agricultural backgrounds to help you find the most efficient and profitable solution to your farming problems.


Our team of engineers are always happy to go the extra mile. Giving our customers a reliable and professional service is one of our core goals. Our team of qaulified engineers are always happy to support you 24/7.

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Lely Vector Webinar - Tuesday 24th May 2022 7.30pm - 9pm

‘Are you interested in automating your feeding process? Do you want to improve your farms' profitability and sustainability? Then why not register to our upcoming Lely Vector webinar where you can learn all about automated feeding which takes away the repetitive task of feeding your cows, Click below to find out more!’

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All our latest promotions and offers, for you to take advantage of and introduce automation onto your farm!

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Win a Lely Luna cow brush for your herd

Want to win a free Lely Luna brush for your farm? The Luna cow brush is designed to pamper and take care for your cows. Brushing not only improves blood circulation but also cleans any dust or dirt from the skin. More importantly brushing is relaxing for the cows and they can happily choose when they want to be brushed throughout the day.

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The Full Operational Lease
Lely Milking as a Service

With Lely Milking as a Service you can fully focus on your farm. The entire milking process is carefree and you get farm management support in addition!


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Try Before You Buy
Want to try out a Lely Juno Flex, or any of the Lely Discovery range on your farm?

If you're looking to improve dry matter intake, and automate your feed pushing. You can try a Lely Juno Flex for £6 per day*

Or if you're looking to improve your foot health, and automate the scraping of your cubicle shed. You can try a Lely Discovery Collector or 90 S/SW for £15 per day*

For more information, please email the team on info@sta.lelycenter.com or call us on 01785 281250

*T's & C's apply

Automatic feeding is now affordable!
Own a Lely Vector for £45 per day!*

We are extremely proud to be recognised as the market leader in manufacturing of automatic feeding systems.

Ten years ago, we installed the first Vector feeding system. Since then we have matured the system and made sure that our customers are satisfied with its performance.

At the beginning of March 2021 Lely produced the 1000th Vector feeding system.

To find out how you can afford your own Lely Vector for £45* per day, click below! *T&C’s apply

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0% finance now available
on products from Lely’s barn and feed range

Cow welfare is our highest priority and we know that it will be yours too. Our innovative range of feeding or hygiene robots means that increasing welfare on your farm has never been easier.

Whether you're looking to improve hoof health and cow hygiene using our Lely Discovery range (with robots available for both slatted and solid barn floors) or increase rumen function and production through the frequent feed pushing of the Lely Juno, our goal as a Lely Center is to offer you a sustainable, profitable and enjoyable future in farming. 

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Grant Scheme

Farming Transformation Fund (FTF)

The Farming Transformation Fund, Improving Farm Productivity grant is now open!

The full application process opened up on the 19th of January 2022, and will close on the 14th of September 2022.

The Farming Transformation Fund (FTF) provides investment towards specific items of equipment which will improve productivity and efficiency for farming, Lely products included on the grant are:

  • Lely Astronaut A5 automatic milking robot
  • Lely Vector automatic feeding robot

For information on any of our products, please call the office on 01785 281250 or email us: info@sta.lelycenter.com


We strive to have happy and satisfied customers, read more about our farmers experience of automation on their farms!

Anne Stones, Smeaton Hall Farm, Cheshire 4 x Astronaut A4's, 2 x MFR Vector Feeding System

‘Investing in four A4 milking robots and a Vector automatic feeding system has enabled me to overcome the nightmare of finding the right skilled stock people, whilst providing flexibility with our team of one full and three part-time valued staff and being able to cope when we haven’t got a full team during weekdays.’

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Aaron & Sally Liggins, Fulmore Farm, Leicestershire 2 x Astronaut A4's, 1 x Grazeway, 1 x Juno Flex, 1 x Discovery 120 Collector

‘Mum and I used to do all the milking,” says Sally Spence. “It was a job I’d always done and I really loved; I enjoyed the close connection with the cows. However, it was both tiring and tying work. We were milking cows through a 30-year-old parlour when we made the decision seven years ago to invest in two Lely A4 robotic milking systems.’

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Mark Pierce, Gallops Farm, Leicestershire 8 x Astronaut A5's , 1 x Discovery 120 Collector

‘We used to employ a team of three staff to milk two times a day, however it was becoming an increasing challenge to both attract and retain staff,” says Mark Pierce. “Nowadays, we are running the unit with a lower labour input, which has enabled us to make substantial financial savings.’

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Andrew Dale, Newnham Farm, Shropshire 6 x Astronaut A5's

‘Swapping a 20-year-old 28-point rotary parlour for six A5s has helped Andrew Dale to step up efficiency towards a sustainable future for his 350-cow herd comprising mainly Holstein with a few Fleckvieh crosses.’

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George & Jeff Lester, Lee Brockhurst, Shropshire 3 x Astronaut, 2 x MFR Vector Automatic Feeding System

‘Replacing a mixer wagon with an automatic feeding system has seen yields increase by two litres a cow a day and milk from forage rise by more than 130% at Manor Farm, Lee Brockhurst. It took just four months to see such a sharp increase, something George Lester and his family put down to the fact the 180-cow herd has constant access to fresh feed.’

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Reaseheath College, Nantwich, Cheshire 2 x Astronaut A5's & 1 x Discovery 120 Collector

‘Thanks to a huge £80 million investment across the Reaseheath College campus, Reaseheath College are able to offer some of the best specialist facilities in the country. One of the latest additions to their state-of-the-art facilities is two Lely A5 Astronaut's and a Lely Discovery 120 Collector which were installed and started-up in early 2021.’

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Ed Rowland, Barncroft Farm, Cheshire 4 x Astronaut A5's

‘Lely milking - exploiting yield potential, naturally If you are pushing for yield and breeding cows yielding well over the 12,000 litre mark, then robotic milking systems will provide a solution to enable these high genetic cows to achieve their true potential in a high welfare, low labour system. We visited Cheshire producers, Ed Rowland and his parents, Tom and Ruth who milk a 200-cow pedigree Holstein herd currently averaging 12,500kg and a commendable five lactations. The partners took advantage of Defra’s previous grant scheme replacing three Lely A3 milking robots with four Lely A5s.’

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Katy Lowe, School Farm, Cheshire 2 x Astronaut A4's, 1 x Juno, 1 x Grazeway, 1 x Discovery 90 SW

‘The Lowe family have had a few tough years, but after investing half a million pounds in a new shed and two robotic milkers, their business is looking better than ever. Emily Ashworth, Farmers Guardian, reports’

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Summerfields Holsteins, Keele, Staffordshire 4 x Astronaut A5's, 1 x Juno Flex

‘The latest milestone in milking A5's introduce major improvements to herd performance and efficiency “Installing Lely milking robots has truly changed our lives and we’re now working together as team family,” says Nick Summerfield who manages the 225-cow pedigree Summerfields Holstein herd with his wife Katie, son Harley and daughter Torrence. “Since switching on four Lely A5s 12 months ago, we’re managing the herd more efficiently, we’ve more flexibility, we’ve a better work-life balance and we’ve succession.’

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Andrew Griffiths, Bulls Green Farm, Nantwich 6 x Astronaut A5's, 2 x MFR Vector Feeding System

‘When Andrew Griffiths switched to three times a day milking, he really began to see the true potential of his dairy cows… but staff issues made it impossible for the farm to operate in this way.’

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Chris and Caroline Jerman, Powys 1 x A3 Astronaut & Lely Grazeway

‘If we hadn’t invested in one A3 Lely milking robot over 13 years ago, then we wouldn’t have the cows today. Robots have the potential to give a small-scale producer without staff the flexibility and lifestyle offered to a larger scale farmer who employs a team, and for us that evolves around family time with 15-year-old Tom; James, 13 and Hannah, nine.’

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Jeremy Clark, Longshaw Farm, Staffordshire 1 x Lely Discovery 120 Collector

‘Jeremy Clark from Longshaw Farm in Staffordshire, explains how the Lely Discovery Collector has provided efficiencies in the parlour and a cleaner barn, allowing him to focus on spending more time on skilled jobs in and around the farm.’

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Steve & Ruth Ashley, Meadow Milkers, Shropshire 2 x Astronaut A4's

‘The Ashleys, Steve and Ruth pictured with their children, Jack and Emma, milk a 100-cow commercial herd in Shropshire. “Investing in two Lely Astronaut A4 milking systems has contributed towards doubling the herd’s milk yield to an average 14,500 litres, improving herd health and welfare and for us having some family time,” says Steve.’

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Steve & Alison Annandale, Lee Farm, Hinstock 2 x Astronaut A3's & 1 x Lely Discovery 120 Collector

‘I think Horizon is far better than T4C; I’ve found its straightforward to use and is providing us with a wealth of information that is continually being updated with individual cow performance. I picked up how to use from basic training in Lely’s office, it’s easy to use, and easy to input information once I’d got used to the settings and where to find them.’

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Kevin Batkin, Marchamley, Shropshire 2 x Astronaut A5's, 1 x Lely Grazeway

‘Faced with decision between a new parlour or automation, then we agreed on two Lely A5 robots when we found we could continue to graze. We wanted to both exploit yield potential and to graze, simply because grazing is something we’ve always done, we believe it’s the way to go, and we already had the main tracks set up.’

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Our webinars are all recorded and uploaded to our YouTube channel, enabling you to watch them in your own time at your own leisure

Webinar: What's The Cost Of Milking With A Robot? February 2022

‘‘Looking to find out more about the financials of milking with robots? Our webinar will show you what you need to know!’’

Watch now
Webinar: Daily Astronaut Checks & Tom's Top Tips April 2020

‘Tom Windsor our Service Engineer talks us through the daily checks you should be doing with your Astronaut and all his top tips.’

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Webinar: Getting the most out of T4C for your herds fertilty April 2020

‘Izzy Lester from our Farm Management Support team talks us through how you can make the most out of T4C for your herds fertility.’

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Webinar: Project Co ordination and Preparing for Robotic Milking Webinar March 2020

‘Andy Wilson from the team here at Lely Center Midlands talks us through preparing for your robotic milking project, and many of the different layout options that could suit your farm.’

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Webinar: Barn Cleanliness with the Lely Discovery Collector 120 April 2020

‘Lizzy Mercer from the Sales team gives us an insight into the Lely Discovery Collector 120, and the benefits to over all foot health and barn cleanliness the Collector does.’

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Webinar: The Lely Meteor with Lizzy Mercer April 2020

‘Lizzy talks us through the Lely Meteor, the all-round approach for optimum hoof health. Cows with healthy hooves are more productive and need less attention.’

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Our blog is full of latest news, articles and case studies

Blog: Robotic Grazing

Combining grazing with robotic milking can work well, it just needs careful planning. More and more farmers are finding this is a cost-efficient route forward for producers who have good grazing animals and grow good grass. With feed and fertiliser prices continuing to rise, it’s vital that dairy farmers explore every opportunity to increase productivity and make the most of home-grown resources.

Blog: Horizon Updates

Horizon has taken the sensory information that is collected throughout the day and is now delivering the information in a more intuitive way for the farmers to help make management decisions with his cows, examples being a reduction in failures, keep open advice, early detection of ketosis cases. Plus many other great new features the program has to offer like the App.


We are always looking for energetic individuals who can bring a new vision and expertise to our Lely Center. If you feel this is you, please email a copy of your CV to: info@sta.lelycenter.com