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Sean Landy, Anne Stones & Sam Mosford

Saving time and labour

Investing in four A4 milking robots and a Vector automatic feeding system has enabled me to overcome the nightmare of finding the right skilled stock people, whilst providing flexibility with our team of one full and three part-time valued staff and being able to cope when we haven’t got a full team during weekdays.

Each staff member no longer spends eight hours a day in the parlour completing repetitive tasks in far from pleasant conditions, whilst the Vector has cut time spent feeding from six hours to 60 minutes a day. Overall, the cows are more settled, yields have lifted by approximately 25% on the heifer group and Vector is saving diesel, it’s freed up a tractor and we no longer require the mixer wagon. We’ve more time, especially for the ‘make a difference’ jobs.

Overall, installing Lely robots has enabled me to achieve my vision, to give my staff a progressive environment - somewhere they can be proud to work, and ultimately, help solve the labour issue. And the robots are helping us to work smarter. What’s more they never require a holiday, sick pay or pension; they’re totally dependable to work consistently, 24/7, 365.

Anne Stones, Cheshire: 300 cow pedigree herd