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From the initial starting point with our sales team, to designing your barn with our project co-ordination team, the on-going support from our Farm Management Support team, and finally our service team who ensure your products are working to a perfect standard.
Our whole team are dedicated to ensuring we have happy customers, as well as happy cows.

Our Lely robots are trusted to support over 150 farms across our area, with over 300 robots that produce half a million litres of milk every day and milk just over 16,000 cows.

See below just some examples of how we are working alongside our customers in order to create a sustainable, profitable and enjoyable future in agriculture.

Mark & Caroline Davies, Newhouse Farm 1 x Vector, 4 x A4 Astronaut, 2 x Discovery 90, 4 x Luna, 1 x Calm

‘Installing an automated feeding system has provided Mark and Caroline Davies with flexibility to spend more time with their three daughters.’

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John Buckley, Cefn Isaf 1 x Discovery 120 Collector

‘Brothers John and Paul Buckley have saved 1.5 hours daily scraping cubicles and improved udder health since installing Lely Discovery 120 Collector slurry robot.’

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David & Megan Roworth, Bearwardcote Farm 4 x A5 Astronaut, 1 x Lely Calm

‘Husband and wife David and Megan Roworth believe replacing their parlour with robots has helped their high genetic-merit herd reach their full potential.’

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The Beddoes family, Common Piece Farm, Powys 3x Astronaut A5, 1x Lely Discovery Collector

‘At the time I was more excited about not milking, but one of the most impressive things of all is the collars and how much information they give you on the cows.’

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Mark Lovatt, Oak lodge Farm, Stoney Stanton, Leicester 4 x Astronaut A5's, 4 x Discovery Collectors

‘Meticulous forage management is helping Mark Lovatt achieve exceptional milk yields of 42.6 litres a cow/day from Lely robots while feeding a low total crude protein ration of 15%. His 180-head Holstein herd is averaging 14.6 litres daily from forage and is achieving high dry matter intakes of 27.2kg of dry matter (DM) daily with a Feed Conversion Efficiency of 1.57.’

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Anne Stones, Smeaton Hall Farm, Cheshire 1 x Astronaut A5, 4 x Astronaut A4's, 1 x Lely Vector, 2 x Lely Discovery Collectors, 1 x Lely Calm

‘After struggling with the physical workload of dairying and being unable to get reliable milking staff, Anne Stones took a huge leap of faith and invested in robotic technology. The first Lely A4 Astronauts were installed at Smeaton Hall Farm in 2016 and it convinced Anne to autonomise the farm as much as possible. Since then, a Lely Vector automatic feeding system and a Calm automatic calf feeder have been installed, alongside two Lely Discovery slurry collectors.’

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Aaron & Sally Liggins, Fulmore Farm, Leicestershire 2 x Astronaut A4's, 1 x Grazeway, 1 x Juno Flex, 1 x Discovery 120 Collector

‘Mum and I used to do all the milking,” says Sally Spence. “It was a job I’d always done and I really loved; I enjoyed the close connection with the cows. However, it was both tiring and tying work. We were milking cows through a 30-year-old parlour when we made the decision seven years ago to invest in two Lely A4 robotic milking systems.’

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Steve Cox, Manor Farm, Staffordshire 2 x Lely Juno Flex

‘Our two Lely Juno feed pushers have become indispensable. They’re guaranteeing fresh feed in front of the cows - currently averaging 12,200 litres - 24/7 resulting in an extra 1.0 litre per head per day, butterfat is being maintained at an average 4.05% whilst DM intakes have increased by 1kg per head.’

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Rob and Emma Ward, Ashwood Grange Farm, Shropshire 3 x Astronaut A5's, 1 x Juno Flex

‘Swapping parlour for robots can be a daunting prospect. Rest assured, Lely offers comprehensive assistance throughout the transition period and beyond including the provision of a Farm Management Support (FMS) advisor. Lely Center Midlands FMS, Sam Hargreaves and Izzy Lester summarise their roles.’

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Bulls Green Farm Vector Testimonial 2 x Vector MFR

‘Replacing a tractor drawn tub feeder with the Vector automated feeding system will enable Andrew Griffi ths to make annual fixed cost savings of almost £30,000 after his agreed new electricity tariff kicks in on 1 May 2023. “Reduced time and diesel have more than halved fixed costs to just over £400 a week, while the system paid for itself quite easily within the first four years at the then tariff rates after installation in 2015,” he says.’

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Bulls Green Farm Astronaut Testimonial 6 x A5 Astronaut's

‘You have to spend money to save money,” says Andrew Griffiths who is commited to building a profitable farming business, resilient to whatever comes down the track. Furthermore, self-sufficiency is key; the unit’s water supply has already been established, whilst the next project features power with plans to install solar panels.’

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Andrew Griffiths, Bulls Green Farm, Nantwich 6 x Astronaut A5's, 2 x MFR Vector Feeding System

‘When Andrew Griffiths switched to three times a day milking, he really began to see the true potential of his dairy cows… but staff issues made it impossible for the farm to operate in this way.’

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Mark Pierce, Gallops Farm, Leicestershire 8 x Astronaut A5's , 1 x Discovery 120 Collector

‘We used to employ a team of three staff to milk two times a day, however it was becoming an increasing challenge to both attract and retain staff,” says Mark Pierce. “Nowadays, we are running the unit with a lower labour input, which has enabled us to make substantial financial savings.’

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Andrew Dale, Newnham Farm, Shropshire 6 x Astronaut A5's, 1 x Discovery 120 Collector

‘Swapping a 20-year-old 28-point rotary parlour for six A5s has helped Andrew Dale to step up efficiency towards a sustainable future for his 350-cow herd comprising mainly Holstein with a few Fleckvieh crosses.’

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George & Jeff Lester, Lee Brockhurst, Shropshire 3 x Astronaut, 2 x MFR Vector Automatic Feeding System

‘Replacing a mixer wagon with an automatic feeding system has seen yields increase by two litres a cow a day and milk from forage rise by more than 130% at Manor Farm, Lee Brockhurst. It took just four months to see such a sharp increase, something George Lester and his family put down to the fact the 180-cow herd has constant access to fresh feed.’

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Reaseheath College, Nantwich, Cheshire 2 x Astronaut A5's & 1 x Discovery 120 Collector

‘Thanks to a huge £80 million investment across the Reaseheath College campus, Reaseheath College are able to offer some of the best specialist facilities in the country. One of the latest additions to their state-of-the-art facilities is two Lely A5 Astronaut's and a Lely Discovery 120 Collector which were installed and started-up in early 2021.’

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Ed Rowland, Barncroft Farm, Cheshire 4 x Astronaut A5's, 1 x Discovery 120 Collector

‘Lely milking - exploiting yield potential, naturally If you are pushing for yield and breeding cows yielding well over the 12,000 litre mark, then robotic milking systems will provide a solution to enable these high genetic cows to achieve their true potential in a high welfare, low labour system. We visited Cheshire producers, Ed Rowland and his parents, Tom and Ruth who milk a 200-cow pedigree Holstein herd currently averaging 12,500kg and a commendable five lactations. The partners took advantage of Defra’s previous grant scheme replacing three Lely A3 milking robots with four Lely A5s.’

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Katy Lowe, School Farm, Cheshire 2 x Astronaut A4's, 1 x Juno, 1 x Grazeway, 1 x Discovery 90 SW

‘The Lowe family have had a few tough years, but after investing half a million pounds in a new shed and two robotic milkers, their business is looking better than ever. Emily Ashworth, Farmers Guardian, reports.’

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Summerfields Holsteins, Keele, Staffordshire 4 x Astronaut A5's, 1 x Juno Flex

‘The latest milestone in milking A5's introduce major improvements to herd performance and efficiency “Installing Lely milking robots has truly changed our lives and we’re now working together as team family,” says Nick Summerfield who manages the 225-cow pedigree Summerfields Holstein herd with his wife Katie, son Harley and daughter Torrence. “Since switching on four Lely A5s 12 months ago, we’re managing the herd more efficiently, we’ve more flexibility, we’ve a better work-life balance and we’ve succession.’

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Chris and Caroline Jerman, Powys 1 x A3 Astronaut & Lely Grazeway

‘If we hadn’t invested in one A3 Lely milking robot over 13 years ago, then we wouldn’t have the cows today. Robots have the potential to give a small-scale producer without staff the flexibility and lifestyle offered to a larger scale farmer who employs a team, and for us that evolves around family time with 15-year-old Tom; James, 13 and Hannah, nine.’

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Jeremy Clark, Longshaw Farm, Staffordshire 1 x Lely Discovery 120 Collector

‘Jeremy Clark from Longshaw Farm in Staffordshire, explains how the Lely Discovery Collector has provided efficiencies in the parlour and a cleaner barn, allowing him to focus on spending more time on skilled jobs in and around the farm.’

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Steve & Ruth Ashley, Meadow Milkers, Shropshire 2 x Astronaut A4's

‘The Ashleys, Steve and Ruth pictured with their children, Jack and Emma, milk a 100-cow commercial herd in Shropshire. “Investing in two Lely Astronaut A4 milking systems has contributed towards doubling the herd’s milk yield to an average 14,500 litres, improving herd health and welfare and for us having some family time,” says Steve.’

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Steve & Alison Annandale, Lee Farm, Hinstock 2 x Astronaut A3's & 1 x Lely Discovery 120 Collector

‘I think Horizon is far better than T4C; I’ve found its straightforward to use and is providing us with a wealth of information that is continually being updated with individual cow performance. I picked up how to use from basic training in Lely’s office, it’s easy to use, and easy to input information once I’d got used to the settings and where to find them.’

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Kevin Batkin, Marchamley, Shropshire 2 x Astronaut A5's, 1 x Lely Grazeway

‘Faced with decision between a new parlour or automation, then we agreed on two Lely A5 robots when we found we could continue to graze. We wanted to both exploit yield potential and to graze, simply because grazing is something we’ve always done, we believe it’s the way to go, and we already had the main tracks set up.’

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