From Astronaut to Juno

We have used Lely stock available


A4 Astronaut

Available for £xxx


Juno Flex

Reconditioned and ready for installation.



Lely Discovery Collector 120

Ready for installation


Five certainties

when buying a used Lely product

  1. Service: Your Lely Center is also on hand 24/7 for used robots
  2. Product: Developed and proven for long-term service
  3. In stock: A wide, transparent range, always attractively priced
  4. Maintenance: Original parts and certified personnel for the very best maintenance
  5. The Lely experience: Sustainable, profitable and pleasant, also for your used robots

Support at every step of the way

Always the right advice


Before the Astronaut starts operating, we help you prepare your farm for automatic milking. This includes, for example, a training course on how to operate the robot and the associated management system. It also includes advice on how to design the barn, and the feeding and well-being of the cows.


When the Astronaut is delivered, the robot is first extensively checked. Milking only starts once everything is correct, down to the last detail. During the initial milking and period following installation, we give you intensive support. Support is available 24/7, of course.


Even once everything is working perfectly, we continue to offer support and guidance. We’re always interested in knowing how happy you are and whether there are any improvements we could help with. We continually provide analysis and advice to ensure the best possible result.

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