10 reasons to buy the Lely Vector system

We celebrated 10 years of the Lely Vector in March, the same month that the 1000th feeding and mixing robot rolled off the production line. There have been many innovations to the Vector over the years, bringing even better performance and results based on the same smart feeding principal of ensuring fresh feed is available for your herd 24/7. Here we give 10 compelling reasons why Lely Vector deserves a place on your farm:



1. Time saving

Handing over the task of mixing, feeding and feed pushing helps you achieve more by freeing up hours of your time every day. It enables you to spend more time on other important tasks such as inspecting your cows and moving your business forward.

2. Accuracy and consistency

Mixing rations is a time consuming task and is susceptible to human error. The Vector system uses pre-set information to create and mix each fresh batch of feed ensuring accuracy every time. Different diets can be formulated for separate groups ensuring that animals at different stages of growth or milking cycle are fed the optimum ration to meet their needs and ensure best performance. Simply input those diets into the Vector’s computer and the feed grabber and MFR will do the rest. The efficient auger system can chop if required and mixes consistently which eliminates sorting at the feed fence and ensures that every mouthful is balanced.

3. More frequent feeding

Vector visits the feed fence regularly to push feed and check feed levels. If feed falls below a certain measurement it alerts the feed kitchen and ensures that the correct ration is mixed and delivered as soon as possible. Keeping a fresh supply of feed available to your herd brings a wealth of further benefits.

4. Reduced competition for feed

When fresh feed is constantly available at the feed fence competition is reduced. This will particularly benefit lower-ranking animals in the herd who will be able to feed more frequently and will receive an equally well-formulated and mixed ration and not just the leftovers from the more dominant cows. Health, welfare and productivity are all improved.

5. Reduced risk of acidosis

When cows are fed a large amount of quickly fermentable feed once or twice a day the pH level in the rumen drop considerably. This can cause subclinical rumen acidification, which damages the rumen wall. If the pH is too low digestion of roughage is poor. In contrast, eating 10 to 14 smaller portions every 24 hours has a positive effect on pH stability in the rumen. Read and watch more ... Explore Vector System

6. Productivity gains

Your feeding strategy has a significant impact on results. The productivity gains from feeding cows fresh, accurately mixed feed throughout the day and night are numerous. In beef units daily live weight gain is improved consistently across the herd. Dairy units will see uplift in milk yield – typically 1.9L per cow per day – and report improvements to calving indices too.

7. Reduced spend and reliance on fuel

You will no longer need a tractor for feeding so will spend less on diesel which will positively affect the farm’s bottom line and improve the farm’s carbon footprint. We estimate that the average farm saves around £4000 in diesel per year after investing in a Lely Vector system. In contrast the Vector uses between 20 and 45kWh of electricity per day.

8. Return on Investment

With a reduced spend on fuel and labour alongside improved feeding efficiency and the subsequent productivity gains it won’t take long for the Lely Vector to have paid its way financially. Every farm set up is different and your local Lely Center can provide figures specifically for your business, but most farms typically expect to see return on their investment within six years.

9. It can work in your unique set up

The Vector can travel a maximum of 1km on its round giving huge scope. Metallic strips are used to guide the mixing and feeding robot on its route around your barns so no expensive rails are needed. Your local Lely Center will be pleased to advise on what adaptations might be needed to bring the benefits of the Vector to your farm.

10. Better work life balance for you

No longer tied to a rigid routine of feeding and feed pushing, you will have freedom for other tasks on and off the farm. Our customers report many personal and business gains from the more flexible and less stressful new lifestyle made possible by the Lely Vector.


Automatic feeding is now affordable, own a Lely Vector for £40/€45 per day!

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