Lely Atlantic officially a ‘Great Place to Work’

Lely Atlantic has been certified a ‘Great Place to Work’, but what does this actually mean for employees and why is it such a great team to be part of? HR Specialist Wendy Brady explains all.


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“Lely is a really unique place to work,” says Wendy Brady. As HR Specialist her role includes looking after employees across the Lely Atlantic cluster and two Lely Centers (Midlands and Mitchelstown) including overseeing the recruitment process, interviewing and contracts. “I’ve worked for large global companies before, but none have been like Lely.”

The Great Place to Work certification wasn’t just a box ticking exercise, she says. The process for certification includes an employee survey and ‘culture audit’ to create a Trust Index. Only companies that reach a certain level are given certification. “Our success with that shows that every voice counts in our business”.

“It’s a family business and the focus is not just on profit but sustainability too. The company genuinely cares about its employees. It’s not a hierarchical business – everyone is part of the team and has a say.”

All new recruits undergo an onboarding process and receive branded clothing of their choice, explains Wendy. Training needs are then planned on an individual basis as Lely is keen to support individuals with their goals and ambitions, she says. “As in any business, progression can be a challenge, but we invest heavily in training and development. Every employee has a professional development review or PDR twice a year to identify what they need help with. We use our own Lely international academy to develop skills, as well as finding opportunities to share knowledge from within the team and elsewhere.”

Another unique offering by Lely is that employees are invited to attend a meeting with the Lely CEO either virtually or in-person at HQ. “It’s an opportunity to ask questions and is a great experience,” says Wendy.

Since the pandemic, a lot of employees now work on a hybrid basis, spending part of the week in the office and part working at home. “The experience of the pandemic really changed how people approached work. Lely recognised that many people prefer a hybrid option for their work-life balance so we will continue with that.” Employees also benefit from being part of an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) and access to Mental Health First Aiders within the team. “We take employee wellbeing very seriously,” she says.

In 2023 Lely celebrates its 75th anniversary and part of the celebrations acknowledge the role employees have played in its success. “We are having an Employees’ Week in June and teams and individuals will be invited to take part in a range of celebrations. It’s really exciting and another example of Lely caring for their people and wanting the best for them.”

Two newer members of the team share their thoughts on working for Lely Atlantic.

Baljit Johal joined Lely Atlantic as an Inbound Marketing Specialist in 2023. She says: “My role as a digital marketer at Lely entails developing and implementing innovative strategies to promote the company's products and services online".

“I am in charge of the company's website, social media accounts and other digital marketing channels in order to increase brand visibility and engagement. In addition, I analyse data and metrics to assess the efficacy of our digital marketing campaigns and make informed decisions about how to improve them".

“Working at Lely has given me the exciting opportunity to contribute to the growth of a dynamic and innovative company while using my digital marketing skills and expertise".

“Working with a happy, supportive bunch helps make my day-to-day more enjoyable!”

 Derrick Davies, Customer Sales Support Feed, joined the team in 2022: “My role is to support Vector sales in Lely Centers so they can deliver with confidence what we as individuals specialise in within the cluster building trust and relationships for the future".

“Working towards a better future to provide longevity and succession, is important to Lely. It is a big organisation, but I always feel appreciated, which really makes a difference. I am fortunate to be surrounded by very approachable people that are always willing to support me, whatever my question may be. This support gives me the confidence to achieve more".

“Working closely with employees and farmers over the world can and does change lives. Lely cares for the environment that we work and live in, but our livestock and their health and welfare is at the heart of what we do. They deserve the best we can give them, and Lely strives to achieve that.”