Dairy farmers don't think in technical terms; they simply want the best for their cows. If a product fails to work, a dairy farmer may suddenly have to milk 150 cows by hand. The impact of the work you are doing is immediately visible. You may be providing remote support, or you may be working at our Maassluis-based Campus. Your workshop is a technical playground, one that will always provide scope for your own ideas.

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    A technical playground
    for engineers
    A technical playground
    Our workshop is a technical playground where engineers work with the latest technology. The name may suggest otherwise, but our workshop is clean and tidy, and features a warehouse to make your mouth water.
  • Technical service
    in over 40 countries
    Provision of technical service to 40 countries
    Our origins are in Maassluis but our solutions are used in over 40 countries. This means we also provide technical service and maintenance at an international level.
  • Innovation
    comes first
    Anything for innovation
    We spend 6% of our annual turnover on product development and innovation. Being keen to remain revolutionary, we believe in new technology and solutions and we like to invest in them.

‘"The right quality and the right technology."’

Margriet Product Manager

Areas of expertise

Would you like to know more about our technical vacancies?
Milou van Ruijven

Call or WhatsApp +31 (0) 683 027 414 or send an e-mail to mvanruijven@lely.com


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