Making the farmer’s live easier: that’s what we stand for. By listening, we believe we can help them feeding the continuous growing global population. In a sustainable way with respect for people and animals.

We cannot do that on our own. We are always looking for talent that shares our vision and never ending urge to innovate. We offer interesting careers in the areas of Engineering (IT and Technique), Marketing & Communications, Operations, Finance and Sales.

Working for the Lely Group means working in an ambitious international family business with more than 30 offices and customers across 60 countries. The market leader in automated systems for dairy farmers worldwide and a pioneer of wind turbines on farms. Recognised and acknowledged as a leader in Dutch manufacturing.

Our values

Our passion for agriculture has brought us off the beaten track ever since we started. Innovation comes first. And the development of groundbreaking and smart solutions to automate daily jobs at the farm are the result of that.

Proof of our success: in 2018 we introduced the 5th generation of the Lely Astronaut, our milking robot. This machine is still manufactured in our factory in Maassluis, the Netherlands, just like our other products. From Maassluis, all products find their way to farmers across the world.

‘Farmers must have the freedom to seize the opportunities that innovation and sustainability offer to run their business efficiently.’

Alexander van der Lely CEO Lely Group

Lely Group

A great place to work

Anneke Gouw

Farm Management Support Milking and Cooling

'My work at the Lely head office is a mixture of office work and practice. I like being at a farm to understand what keeps farm managers busy. Together with our customers, I seek to discover how they can optimize the level of health of their cows and management of their farm. It makes me proud if I can give them good advice. And what I observe in the field, I interpret for my colleagues in other departments so they can incorporate my observations in product development.'

Jos Seldenthuis

Software Architect

'Some of the trends you see outside the agricultural sector we have been working on here for quite some time. Self-propelled vehicles between cows, for example. This is working with “high tech” in a challenging environment – not in a clean factory, but with animals in a stable. I think that's marvellous. People outside Lely are always surprised when I tell them what we can accomplish with robotics.'

Lely Academy

We stimulate progress and passion by challenging colleagues to bring out the best in themselves. With the Lely Academy we offer a range of educational and training programmes. These allow our employees worldwide to grow and best serve our customers. The Lely Academy safeguards our DNA for the future. 

You can obtain certifications based on your own career goals. For example, as a technician for one of our products or as an advisor for our Farm Management Support department. There are also personal development courses for acquiring skills such as leadership and negotiation.

Caring about our customers and our employees, being a front-runner with a solid background and working in a sustainable sector: these are the things that make Lely a great place to work.

Why Lely?

Farmers all over the world make choices about how they set up and run their farms. Every day, we help them make the best choices for themselves and their farms. We do this by providing advice and innovative solutions that contribute to efficient farm management. For sustainable milk and meat production and energy generation. Present and future.


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