Your farm and your herd are amongst your most valuable assets. Through the years, you've increasingly automated processes on your farm, enhancing the well-being of your cows and boosting the farm's operations.

Embracing digital solutions introduces a new layer to your farm operations. The interconnected triangle of Farmer, Herd, and Farm is strengthened by the digital realm. While it may not have been your primary focus initially, it may influence your cow’s welfare.

At Lely, we want to address this and offer information that might help you in safeguarding your farm. We aim to provide you with the necessary tools and knowledge to empower yourself against potential digital risks within the barn.

Take charge of your digital safety and care for, connect to and protect what’s yours with the Golden Cyber Security Tips for the farm.


Collective effort

Dairy farmers are embracing technology more than ever before, enhancing efficiency and productivity on their farms. While this technological integration brings numerous benefits, it's important to acknowledge the potential for digital vulnerabilities. This awareness is shared worldwide, emphasizing the need to  safeguard digital assets against unauthorized access or manipulation. Prioritizing cybersecurity measures, can help you focus on an uninterrupted milk production and maintain optimal cow welfare.

Protection of your farms data

At your farm you collect and manage data related to milk production, cow health, and farm operations. This data is sensitive and valuable, making it a target for parties with malicious intent. Lely offers you insights to help safeguard your information against unauthorized access, manipulation, or theft.

Continuous improvement and education

Cyber threats are constantly evolving, requiring ongoing efforts to stay up to date on new potential threats. Through ongoing education, we aim to empower you to mitigate the impact of potential attacks and ensure the continuity of operations on your farm. We strongly advise you to actively engage in this education and implement recommended security measures to protect your herd and your farm.



Why Lely?

Every farmer in the world has to make decisions daily for their farm. Choices both for themselves and their business. But they do not need to do this on their own. They have the help of advisors to find the right solutions and steer their business in the right direction.

More and more of you are choosing Lely as a long-term partner. That is because every day our products and services allow you to take another step towards your desired results. We are by your side with the right people, who are skilled and highly trained.