Cookies on our website

When visiting Lely websites, visitors’ data is collected and saved. To do this, we use cookies to offer you the best and most complete possible browsing experience. On this page you can read about the information that is collected and what happens to it. We also explain what you can do if you wish not to accept cookies or all cookies.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are saved on your own hard drive through your browser when you are visiting Lely websites. Cookies have different uses such as:

  • Remembering your login name or settings
  • Saving your preferences so that you only have to enter them once
  • Ensuring that advertisements are relevant to your interests

What cookies are there?

Strictly necessary: these cookies are strictly necessary to enable you to move around websites. For example, without these cookies, you would not be able to shop or make online payments.

Functionality: this is how websites remember the choices you have made during a visit to a website. These cookies are used for example to save preferences such as text size and font.

Performance: these cookies collect statistics about user behaviour on websites, such as the pages you visit often. These data allow websites and their navigation to be optimised. These cookies are also used to find out how you arrived at a website. With these cookies, no information on your identity is stored to be reused and the data remain anonymous.

Targeting: these cookies follow a user for a longer time across several websites and are able to build a profile. They allow users to be categorised based on specific interests. These cookies are often used to better target advertising. An advertising network places a cookie on the user’s computer through a third-party website. This cookie can then be read by the network on the website within that advertising network.

What cookies are used by Lely?

Description Why this cookie? Type
ASP Session Registers the user as an anonymous number; necessary for the underlying CMS to work properly. Strictly necessary
Google Analytics Registers for each visitor the number of visits, when the visit starts and ends and where the visitor comes from. Performance
Google Adwords Registers conversion data for use by reports. Performance
AdRoll For tailored offers from websites other than those of Lely.


Would you prefer no cookies?

Do you have something against the use of cookies? You can turn cookies on and off and delete them through the settings on your web browser. You can only do that yourself because cookies are stored on your computer. If you do not accept the use of cookies, you can disconnect them. You can find more information on this through the ‘help’ page of your web browser.