Lely Data Charter

The Lely Data Charter has been specially designed for you, our Lely customers. We have put it together to explain how we secure your interests regarding the collection, storage, enhancement, analysis, reporting and sharing of the data that is generated when using Lely products. The application of the Lely Data Charter is supported by the governance rules (see Annex 1). The relevant legal terms and conditions with respect to the use of data through Lely Horizon are set out in the Lely Horizon User Agreement between you and Lely.

Our promises

The Lely Data Charter is based on the following promises:

1.    Privacy, security and safety
Lely is committed to respecting the privacy of our customers and partners and to providing data security by applying generally accepted data safety standards. Lely’s community of farmers and other stakeholders are global in nature, which means that we take note of all relevant laws and regulations covering data storage, access, and usage in all jurisdictions wherever in the world our farmers and other stakeholders operate. Lely will comply fully with all applicable national and international data privacy regulations. In the event of any loss of personal data, Lely will report this to the relevant data privacy authority without delay. 

2.    Control
You are in control of your data. This is why you must always explicitly approve – and retain the right to disable at any time – any third-party data connection (other than for our primary purpose as described below, or if we are obliged to share the data for legal or regulatory purposes). If you decide to share any part of your data with third parties, the purpose for which that data may be used will be made clear at the time of giving your approval. 

3.    Transparency and decision support
We want to help you understand why and how our use of data can help you, and we want to learn how we can best support you with data analysis and reporting.
a.    Transparency: we will be transparent and proactive concerning our data policies and data partners, ensuring that you understand and feel comfortable with our data solutions and policies.
b.    Decision support: We want to support you as effectively as possible with data analysis and reporting, so that you benefit from the use of data today and in the future.

4.    Value
Lely continues to invest in meaningful services based on data. Using this data, we are able to accelerate improvements in Lely products and services for you and other customers. 

Purpose of data collection

As our customer, it is you who is in control of the use of (specific parts of) your data, so that there are never any surprises when it comes to the parties with which your data is shared. Lely may, in some circumstances, use data sets for innovation or benchmarking purposes, to serve the best interests of all our customers. This might involve such areas as new product and services development, gaining insights to improve efficiencies in farm management or to adjust Lely service levels to our customers’ specific needs.

Specifically, we will use data for the following primary purpose:
a.    We wish to continue to provide you with the services that we have been contracted to supply, keeping customer products and services fully operational. 
b.    We use data to establish insights that will enable you to derive more value from your Lely hardware and management software products. With these insights, we can develop functionalities in our management software which will help you as a farmer to operate your farm in a more efficient manner.
c.    Additionally, we will use the insights in our research and development to create new and improved systems and agricultural equipment to promote a sustainable, profitable and enjoyable future in dairy farming. We may undertake this research and development ourselves and in conjunction with third parties, but we will not share data with third parties for other purposes than research and development unless we have received your explicit approval. 

Annex 1. Governance rules for data management

Each customer or concerned party can be assured that we will only process their data if the customer actually uses the Lely farm management platform that stores the data, generates and delivers services.   In doing so, the specific governance rules are:
•    We will not rate individual performance of a farmer or a party (“customer”) against the performance of others, unless the customer provides permission to do so, or as part of a benchmark using anonymised data.
•    We will not share customer data with third parties without the express permission of the customer, other than for research and development or if required by law. 
•    At any time, customers can withdraw their consent for the use of data for other purposes than our primary purpose.
•    Should we fail to observe these rules, customers can hold us accountable. To do so, you can start the complaints procedure by sending a written message to dataservicedesk@lely.com. We will always investigate your complaint and respond to it within one working week. 
•    It is possible we may update this document from time to time in order to improve our Data Charter. When we do so, we will publish the updated Lely Data Charter on our website www.lely.com and share it directly with our customers via their Horizon devices.