Lely introduces a platform tracking the short chain of fresh milk

Sustainable food production with consideration for our planet is becoming increasingly important. Worldwide, but certainly also in the Netherlands. Whereas many products nowadays travel ever greater distances, there is precisely a need for a short chain, both in distance and in transparency of the production process. That is why Lely is launching the Mijn Boerderij (My Farm) platform on which the consumer can trace what is in the glass of milk, where the milk comes from - even from which cows - and how the milk is produced.

March 20, 2023


Just recently, Rabobank – a large Dutch bank – calculated that a bite of food travels an average of 30,000 kilometres before it reaches our plates.  

Lely is working towards a sustainable, enjoyable and profitable future for dairy farmers. This is also about this short chain. Sustainability translates back into fewer food miles, but also into a better connection between consumer and farmer and more appreciation for the product. The Lely Orbiter was therefore introduced in 2018. With the Lely Orbiter, the farmer can not only process his own milk on the farm itself into a high-quality product, but also take the milk lover into his story and every bottle of milk.  

And now Lely is taking the next step with the Mijn Boerderij platform to help reduce the distance between the farmer and the consumer. It is also a step in the realisation of the 'Farm of the Future'.  

Mijn Boerderij is the first platform to make fresh milk, its origin and production process fully traceable. Via a QR-code on the bottles of Mijn Melk, which are on sale in various supermarkets in the Netherlands, it is very easy to see where the milk comes from and how it was made.