The Lely Orbiter is an automatic on-farm dairy processor, which gives farmers the opportunity to process and market their own milk. It’s a concept that increases the value of the milk and results in a more direct route to the consumer.

The Lely Orbiter makes it possible to process and package milk directly after milking. This new automatic processor operates 24/7 and is designed to meet the highest food safety standards. It has been developed to produce fair, direct and pure dairy products in a smart and practical way that contributes to a sustainable future for farmers and consumers.

Fair Price

A fair price for your milk. Consumers want responsibly produced products that are better for animals and the environment and that do not compromise on quality and taste. They want to know where the milk comes from and are willing to pay an additional price for this.


Control over every single milking. Due to the direct connection to the Lely Astronaut, the milk can be separated and processed based on specific selections of the cow and the milk. This creates new opportunities for unique, fresh and pure dairy products. Farmers are becoming the experts again.


Selling the milk directly from the farm creates more interaction with the consumer. Milk is no longer a raw material, but a tasty and special end product. As a farmer you know where your product is going and vice versa it gives the consumer insight into its origin. Local dairy products with an honest story.

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