Lely Orbiter now also delivers yoghurt directly from farm to supermarket

Since 2018, the Lely Orbiter has enabled farmers to deliver their milk directly from the farm to the supermarket. From now on, it is also possible to produce yoghurt with Lely's on-farm dairy processor. Earlier this year, the addition of new functionalities made it possible for farmers to produce cream as well. The continuous development of the Orbiter enables farmers to get the most out of their milk.

Dec. 15, 2021



The Lely Orbiter is an advanced mini on-farm dairy processor and is directly connected to the milking robot, the Lely Astronaut. The Orbiter enables farmers to supply their dairy directly to the supermarket or consumer: a short and transparent chain that meets the growing consumer need for insight into the origin of their products. The farmer receives a fair price for his dairy and by expanding his product range with the introduction of yoghurt and cream, he also has wider sales opportunities.

‘Mijn Melk’ (My Milk-label)
Farmers who produce their milk with a Lely Orbiter market it under the label 'Mijn Melk' (My Milk). Meanwhile, the dairy 'straight from the farm' is available in more than 1000 supermarkets throughout the Netherlands. Read the Mijn Melk press release about the introduction of super fresh organic yoghurt here.