First new generation Lely Orbiter in use

Maassluis, June 30, 2023 | Today, the first new generation Lely Orbiter was put into operation on the farm of Ineke Haast and Mark van Lipzig in Velden (Limburg). Farmer Ineke is the fifth farmer to process milk on her own farm using Lely's automatic dairy processing system. Under the label 'Mijn Melk', she now brings the dairy directly from the yard to the supermarket and consumer. In this way, Ineke increases the value of her milk and responds to the needs of a growing group of consumers for locally produced products.

June 30, 2023


New generation Orbiter

The second-generation Orbiter has a new and attractive design, is a bit smaller in design and is much more transparent than its predecessor due to the large windows. In addition, the automation of the mini-dairy factory has been improved, which not only relieves the farmer with bottling, but also with labeling of the labels. The control software has been adapted and is therefore more efficient and user-friendly. Technical problems can easily be solved remotely.

The choice for a mini dairy factory on your own property

The Lely Orbiter is an advanced mini dairy factory in the yard and is directly linked to the Lely Astronaut, which ensures maximum freedom of movement of the cows. The Lely Orbiter's aim – to make local milk, available to consumers directly from the farm – is well received. Consumers are increasingly opting for small brands and natural, unprocessed products from the neighbourhood. Farmer Ineke: "Our dairy is a big name locally and with the arrival of the Lely Orbiter and Mijn Melk, even more people can buy and taste our products. The milk collected at night goes there in the morning in the bottle and in the afternoon to the supermarkets. Super fresh, but also 14 days shelf life. Very special for milk from the farm, which tastes a lot fuller and tastier."

Identity of the farmer

Ineke and Mark find it very important that they give their own identity to the dairy of their farm. The process is much more transparent, because the milk is traceable. "We want to involve the environment and show what is happening on our farm. With the Lely Orbiter we can not only create more volume and we are more independent of the cooperative, but we give our milk drinkers a look at our farm. They really know that the milk comes from us. We are very happy with that".    

Mijn Melk

Dairy from farmer Ineke is part of Mijn Melk, dairy straight from the farm. The farmers who are affiliated with Mijn Melk – the 'Mijn Melk farmers' – process the milk themselves in their yard with the Lely Orbiter. The Mijn Melk farmers opt for a short and transparent chain. This way you always know where the milk comes from, when the cow has been milked and when the milk has gone into the bottle.

About Lely

Lely, founded in 1948, focuses on a sustainable, profitable, and pleasant future for the agricultural sector. With the cow as the center, Lely develops high-quality robots and data systems that increase animal welfare, flexibility, and production in the dairy farm business. 

Lely has been a global leader in the sales and service of automated systems, to successive generations of dairy farmers for 30 years. Every day, Lely inspires its employees to offer their customers innovative solutions and to be a trusted partner for long-term advice and support. With its head office in Maassluis and a worldwide network of dedicated Lely Center branches for tailormade sales and service, the Lely Group is active in over 45 countries and employs around 2,100 people.